What would you pay for coworking + living space in Calcutta, India?

I’m building a longer-term base in Calcutta, India, and was wondering what digital nomads would think of renting a room here, or what they’d consider a fair rent.

Quick overview:

Newly renovated, ground floor, in a nice residential neighborhood (Salt Lake), a ten minute walk to the City Center mall. Restaurants, pharmacies, public transportation, etc are all within a five minute walk.

Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, fancy shower stall, nice patio with hammocks and bean bags. AC in the study and bedrooms.

The study has high speed internet access with redundant internet lines (the main line is an actual physical DSL connection, not cellular, extremely reliable, goes down for a few hours maybe once every three years), extra network storage if you need to backup or dump large files, and there are a couple of raspberry pis around if you’re a techie and want to make something while you’re bored.

New paint, new tiles, new electrical wiring, granite bookshelves; the entire apartment was rebuilt (everything from the floor tiles up) this month.

The downside, of course, is that Calcutta is very far off the digital nomad path :slight_smile: Assuming anyone’s interested in seeing this side of the country, what would a reasonable rent be for someone sharing the apartment with me in a private bedroom? I suspect I could make the place work at $250/month.

What else would you like included or available as an option? Food (I’d normally recommend against this; food in Calcutta is cheap and amazing), tours, travel in this part of India, other stuff I haven’t thought of yet?

Thanks! All ideas welcome. I’ve been toying with the idea of making this a space more friendly to digital nomads since I started the renovation, so I figured it’s time to start vetting the idea.


Do you mean that you’d share the space with others while you’re there, or more of an Airbnb style? :slight_smile:

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That seems a bit harsh. While I’m personally not interested in coworking/living spaces, I’d spend some time in Calcutta as a city – we don’t all want to just hang around CM, Bali and whatever other overrun hubs there are. I think $250 would be a great price.

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@jason2, Could be either. If someone’s here while I’m in town, I’d be in the other bedroom, and if someone’s here when I’m on a bike ride somewhere, I’d probably have a friend give them a key.

@johnnybd, some of the best digital nomad experiences I’ve had have been in the third world, in countries you’d consider poor, polluted, or messy. And some of the worst experiences I’ve had were traveling through the US, in areas you’d assume were cleaner. Similarly, a lot of my most memorable travel experiences weren’t in tropical areas at all (Kashmir, or London). I’m sorry your perspective is so limited.

@jellyfish, Thanks!

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