What's a good budgeting app for nomads?

I’m looking for a good budgeting and expenses tracking software to track my expenses and my income, I don’t mind if it’s free or paid, but I can’t find any with all these characteristics which are fundamental for me. They always lack at least one or two.

  • multi-account (for me and my girlfriend)
  • multi-currency (of course)
  • sync between desktop and multiple mobile devices
  • geolocation for each transaction to better track expenses by country and city

What do you use?

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I don’t know of one that checks all those boxes, but I think You Need a Budget is worth looking at. They do have an article on two ways to handle multiple currencies: https://www.youneedabudget.com/support/article/multiple-currencies

Thank you Travis, I already checked the trial version of YNAB, but the multy-currency support is not really user friendly… By changing conutry every few weeks/months this is something quite important

toshl is pretty good although you have to manually add expenses and it can’t geolocate anything. The multi currency support is spot on though and you can organize your data through tags so some kind of geo tracking at point of entry.

Toshl looks good.

Adding everything manually won’t be a problem. It just takes a few minutes and it helps to keep the general picture in mind.

And with a smart tagging system I’ll be able to categorize expenses/incomes, (geo)tag them, and separate them between me and my girlfriend.

I’ll have atest run with it for a few weeks, and in the meantime I’ll keep looking for other options :wink:

It’s worth mentioning that I’m also looking into http://www.podio.com

It’s a very configurable workspace that let you track basically everything (time, expenses, money, projects, clients, etc…), but it has to be “configured” (quite a steep learning curve) and I got stuck when I tried to manage multiple currencies.

You can manually add a conversion rate and do the calculations, but I want to do it automatically. If anybody has a solution for this on Podio, please let me know!

I’ve fallen in love with Pennies - I’ve been using it for the last six months. It doesn’t connect to any bank accounts, which I prefer, and is all self-reported, which is fantastic because it makes you very cognizant of expenses.

  • You can have multiple budgets
  • There’s multiple currencies but not in the same budget.
  • Can export to CSV
  • Love the UX

Not all of your requirements, but has really helped me.

Anyone use http://voyagetravelapps.com/trail-wallet/ ? I found it great.

Anyway my iPod Touch is broken and thinking if I should pay $$ for repair just to get my Trail Wallet data back :frowning:

I dislike Apple, but can’t find any nice, easy to use app like Trail Wallet or Pennies for Android - any ideas?

I’m an Android / Windows user, so Trail Wallet is not for me (but apparently it’s the perfect software I’m looking for).

The closest thing for Android will be the next Toshl version (2.0) but they are very slow at releasing it… :confused:

Trail Wallet is awesome, I used it in my last trip and worked like a charm. Toshl looks great too, but you have to pay monthly/yearly. Trail Wallet has a one time $4 fee.