What's a good place in Malaysia near the beach?

Anyone can suggest some place in Malaysia where could I rent some affordable place ( < 30$ US/d) and be near the beach. What I need is:

  • decent room with daily cleaning
  • 4G reception
  • some night life around, like where there are few bars to hang out when my head is

I came from Phuket week ago to KL, was 100m from the beach for 1 month.
O what a depression when I came to a shitty hotel in KL, I wanted to turn around and go back to Thailand. O, my Buddha!

I’m in Thailand right now for the next five weeks, I am considering going to KL but struggle with this issue…you are living my fear, Sir! I have nothing to offer you except my sympathy…

@jenny thanks :smile:

@aaron1096 Yeah, I was living your fear, don’t remember when I felt that bad. But it’s only for a first day-two, now I’m ok :smile: I’v changed the hotel.
I would just like to warn you, if you never been to KL, that most of the hotels look ugly.
There are plenty of too small rooms without window and no daily cleaning, our you have to ask every day.
If you see Arabian/India looking guys running the Hotel, it’s likely that it’s dirty.
So do check very good on couple of sites agoda, booking, hotels what people are saying.

I will research it carefully, if I decide on KL…thanks for your insight.

If you are expecting nightlife like you had in Phuket you will be disappointed in Malaysia. While there are bars in international hubs like KL and Penang, Malaysia has strict alcohol laws so there is not the same party vibe that Thailand enjoys.

@nomadicnotes not expecting like Phuket, it’s hard to beat that I know :smile:
I have extended my stay in KL until the end of the month, will check out Penang on next Asia tour. Thanks.

You can try Mabul Islands as Sabah or Boreno may be …

Batu Ferengi in Penang is the only thing that comes to mind.

Langkawi maybe, but I expect the internet to be bad.

Perhentians maybe, but the rest of the East Coast is far too conservative for any kind of nightlife. Even getting a beer is a big problem.