What's a great place for remote work and self-realization in SE Asia?

Hello everyone!

Just want to try my luck and ask experienced travellers here where to go in South Eastern Asia. Would be great if someone could name some options that match these requirements:

  • Safety, friendly people
  • Beach proximity: flat water, watersports stations… (Lagoon or bay?..)
  • Civilization: shops, transport hubs nearby
  • Education: English classes, music courses (drums, guitar, vocals, etc.)
  • Affordable accomodation: house or studio/condo
  • Stable internet connection
  • Possibility to get visa for a few months stay.

So, any thoughts? Country, region, town, or maybe the exact place?

Thanks in advance and best of luck!

Hi Ambal,

Few places I enjoyed for quite some time.

  1. Gili Trawangan/Indonedia. 2 month visa if applied before and 1 month on arrival (pain in the A to extend nowadays). Internet is not fantastic, but fast enough to work. Yoga, Freediving, Diving, Surfing, partying.

  2. Ao Tha Lane/ Thailand. Near Krabi and Aonang. Super fast wifi with dtac and a usb key. 28 days on arrival visa, can’t be extended or 2 months if applied in advance.

  3. Koh Phangan/Thailand. North West Side.

  4. Sihanoukville Cambodia. Unlimited visa if you ask for the business visa on arrival, you can extend to many years. Wifi ok depending where you stay. Siem reap a fantastic option but no sea (temples and pool instead)

  5. Bali in general. Same thing for visa as 1. Amed is great. Usat liberty ship for freediving and diving…quiet…also direct boat to gili T from there now…could be a good mix.