What's a great place to stay & work at Bali?

About to spend 20 days in Bali, mainly to work. Looking to mingle with fellow nomad entrepreneurs.

What’s a good combination of a place to stay and cowork? Hoping the lodging place is close to the work place. I hear that riding scooters is typical in Bali, but I’m not keen. Walking distance/affordable cab rides would be great.

Not yet familiar regarding cities in Bali, so I don’t have a strong preference between Ubud, Denpasar, and Canggu. I just want whatever works best for the purpose of meeting fellow nomads who are working on their stuff.

If you want to avoid using a scooter, Ubud is probably your best bet. The whole town/village is much closer together. Hubud is a great coworking space there, plenty of DN’s.

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I have been in Changgu for a while … good coworking space (Dojo Bali) close to the beach, very laid-back atmosphere. You will also find plenty of accommodation opportunities — like Hubud, everything you need is very close around the Dojo.

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Hi Allan,
I run a coworkation coming up at the end of September for digital nomads and entrepreneurs, and I live in Bali myself.
Drop me an email at [email protected] if you’re interested in general advice or the coworkation, it’s normally a month but we’re working on offering shorter packages right as we speak, and everything is taken care of (including an awesome community of like minded people).
Have a great day!

I just spend 10 days in Ubud, and Hubud is excellent. A friend of mine spent a week in in Changgu at the aforementioned Dojo and she said it was great too. Scooters are awesome and totally part of the experience - don’t write them off! Note Hubud is half way down a busy 1-way street. A taxi would take an hour to get around the loop while a $5 a day scooter will take a minute or two.


Was just in Canggu for 3 weeks. Dojo is an awesome co-working space, probably the most community-oriented I’ve been to, with plenty of speakers on relevant topics, workshops, social activities, and trips to other parts of the island. Hubud is fairly similar from what I’ve heard, and I think the Dojo owner drew a lot of inspiration from it.

You’ll hear a lot of cases for Canggu vs Ubud. For me, the draw of Canggu is the surf. If you’re into surf, definitely go there, otherwise there’s a good chance you prefer Ubud.

No disrespect to the coworkation stuff, but in Bali you’d have to throw a rock pretty far to not hit another digital nomad, and between Hubud and Dojo you’ll have all the community you want.