What's better? Krabi or Koh Lanta in March?

Thailand - Krabi vs. Koh Lanta in March

Hey Nomads -
So I’m looking to leave my current base in Chiang Mai, Thailand to head back down south in March to escape burning season.
I’m looking at staying for a month in either Krabi or Koh Lanta. I already spent a month on Koh Samui which was ok but I’m looking to explore the other side now and it seems this will be a good time of year seasonally to be on those islands.

Here are my main considerations and would love any thoughts:

  1. Housing - As the islands are much more expensive, I think it would be the most sensible to get an apartment or rental for a month. I got a good deal in Samui when I stayed for a month.
    -A/C is a must
  • Strong, Hi-speed wifi where I’m staying as I need to do video calls from home
  1. More walkable (or as much as possible) areas are preferred as I don’t use a motorbike and transportation back and forth to restaurants, etc. can get expensive
    Walking distance to the beach would be great but price is a big more important factor

I don’t necessarily care about being near a co-working space as much of my work on video calls requires me to work from home anyway for privacy.

Anyone stayed on Krabi or Koh Lanta & have any suggestions?

Krabi is a town, so if you want to be near beach you probably better head to Koh Lanta or Ao Nang (which is quite busy as far as I remember, and may give you some kind of “Samui” feeling).

Koh Lanta is much quiter, I’ve stayed in Kantiang Bay, which is walkable and have very nice quite beach vibe but housing may be somewhat limited.

There is also Khlong Nin beach there, which probably will have better housing options. And generally, closer to Saladan, the busiest it gets, and therefore somewhat more options for housing.

As for internet - I believe, it should be quite high speed those days.