What's good places in South East Asia to work with beaches?

Hi there, now I’m thinking to explorer beaches / islands in SE Asia which are good for nomad-working. Do you have any recommendations?

The conditions are, I think,

  • Internet (faster is better)
  • Cheap living cost (My budget is about 500 USD/month)
  • Clean beach
  • Good cafes
  • Good foods
  • Not so many people are there and not so famous already
    Co-working space would be nice, but not necessary for me.

I’ve already found Koh Phangan in Thailand is amazing, and I’m going to try Koh Lanta :slight_smile:
Now I’m in Sihanoukville Cambodia, it’s still nice (the beach I am is not so clean for swimming though), and going to travel Koh Ta Kiev for 2-3 days but unfortunately there is no wi-fi and only very-poor mobile internet, so I can’t say it’s for digital nomad. :frowning:

I would appreciate if you share your brilliant experience :blush:
Thank you!

  1. Phuket
  2. Taipei (not in SEA though)
  3. Hoi An
  4. Da Lat

If you don’t necessarily need fast internet, you have lots more options:


Thank you @levelso !

Phuket is nice, I thought it’s already famous and many people are there, so I haven’t visited for long time, but may be worth to visit again.
Taiwan is nice place, very very fast internet, I’d like to explorer islands there (like Xiaoliuqiu / 小琉球), but I’m a bit afraid it’s expensive for me :laughing:
Visiting Vietnam places is nice idea! I often visit Nha Trang. (Beach is not so clean though :sweat_smile:)

I will check the NomadList. Thanks!

I’m not sure I’d consider Taipei a beach destination, maybe Kaohsiung.

As for the OP,
Kuching on the island of Borneo is cheap and there are beaches nearby as well as the famous Borneo rainforest.
Plenty of places in the Philippines fit your requirements and visa-wise, it’s easy to stay there for a long time.
Hainan is China is both cheap and very nice (avoid Sanya) although the internet situation isn’t ideal (very fast but a lot of sites are blocked).
If you double your budget, you might be able to get by on Lamma Island in Hong Kong. Great beaches in HK and the city is obviously one of the best in the world.

I don’t know if Sri Lanka qualifies as SEA, and it’s a bit ouf of a digital nomads path but beaches were good: HIkkaduwa, Bentota, Pelana (Weligama) and 3g quite good. Still, I hear it’s more expensive than Thai.

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Hi Kumi!

I just arrived on Koh Chang on Monday and I can definitely recommend it given what you’re looking for :slightly_smiling:

There are several great beaches all around the island, wonderful cheap food, fast internet (at least I haven’t had a problem where I’m staying). The beach where I’m staying (Lonely Beach) doesn’t have too many cafés/coffee shops or coworking spaces. That said, I still haven’t found a shortage of places to work between my bungalow, the main office/restaurant, and a few small cafés/restaurants around town. Cheap accommodation could be a little difficult to find since everything seems to be pretty booked, but if you hop from village to village you’ll surely find something that fits your budget.

Hi there, I’m sorry for late reply. In these days, I went to No Wi-Fi island. It’s really nice, but not nice place for nomad working! :wink:

Hi nomadtax, yes, I think Kenting (墾丁) near Kaohsiung has beaches it Taiwan. Hualien may also.
Thank you for information, I’m interested in Borneo island! :smiley:
Noted about Hainan (and Sanya… I don’t know why should avoid though).
HK sounds nice, I would go there after increasing my earning! :wink: Thanks.

Hi Borowis, thank you for the information!
My friends say Sri Lanka is nice also. Interesting. :smiley:
Noted the beaches’ name. :thumbsup:

Hi @Johnnybd, thank you! Year, Otres beach is really beautiful. I went Koh Ta Kiev island for these days, but there is no Wi-Fi so completely holiday- no nomad working there.
Is “Wish You Were Here” the name of bungalows? I would visit there in next trip of Sihanoukville! :smiley: Thanks.

Hi @ericste_in, thank you!
I’m surprised how Thailand islands are great for nomads! I just have an experience of Koh Phangan, so I must explorer many islands there… Koh Chang also!

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