What's the best area in Bangkok?

Hi all!

My girlfriend and I are moving to Bangkok in 2 months. We’ve both been there a few times, but only on holiday.

We would like to know if there are any tips of where to best find an appartment.

Also which area do you think is best to live and why?

Thanks in advance for your help and answers!!


Mark from migrationology has a good guide on apartments in Bangkok. It’s a bit dated but in principle still spot on.

As to the area, it depends on you and you alone. Expats and also many DNs seem to like the Sukhumvit and Silom areas (aka New Bangkok). That’s where the Coworking spaces, shopping malls and fancy restaurants and hotels are. It’s also where the Skytrain runs.

But Sukhumvit and Silom are pretty much your run-of-the-mill Asian skyscraper megacity. It’s where the business is, but as a DN you don’t have to care about that.

There’s not much of Bangkok’s charm in New Bangkok and the prices are sky high compared to other parts of town.

That’s why I prefer Bangkok’s Old town (Phra Nakhon) to stay, especially Banglamphu and even more so Sam Sen area: No skyscrapers, wooden buildings, relaxed atmosphere, temples, parks, close to the river (and the river express boat), Jazz Bars and the tourist district for nightlife.

Thonburi on the other side of the river is even more laid back and “Bangkoky”, but transport options are much worse than in Phra Nakhon.


Hi Florian,

Thanks a lot!! Really helpfull!!

Do you have any idea how strict they are on visa runs nowadays? I read online that they won’t let you in anymore after you did a few runs (and have the stamps in your passport)


I’d get a triple entry 2 months visa from your home country. You can extend each entry by another month for a total of 3x3 months.

I heard conflicting reports about back to back visa runs. You should probably plan for a vacation on each visa run. Spend a weekend or better up to a week in a neighboring country and don’t return to Thailand the same day.

There’s a new 6 month single or multiple entry visa proposed for the end of this year. Might never materialize, but that would be great for us DNs:

@floc Banglamphu is indeed a nice area to stay however it contains lots of government buildings and landmarks of national significance. Doesn’t it concern you the neighborhood may turn decidedly unfriendly very quickly due to political instability?

@db8871 Curious question 2 weeks after the bomb in Sukhumvit and the February bomb also in Sukhumvit.

Granted, those bombings could have happened in any place with significance for Tourism, e.g. Khao San Road…

Anyway, I can tell you from my own experience staying near democracy monument for some months during the 2013/2014 protests, that there was no reason for concern even in the heart of the protests.

Actually we regularly went to the protest site for the food carts and live shows during christmas and new years. :wink:

Ofc things can turn sour much faster than you can say Bangkok’s full Thai name, but imho Sam Sen or Banghlamphu riverside are very safe places, much more so than most parts of Silom and Sukhumvit.

Btw, many of the important government buildings you are refering to are situated along the Krung Kasem canal, which is some city blocks outside of the old city Rattanakosin.