What's the best coworking space in Bangkok?

When I’m in BKK, I usually work at Hubba, but there’s been a lot of new spaces popping up recently. I’ve heard about Launchpad, The Hive etc.

What’s your favorite place to work in Bangok?


Launchpad has more of an office feel to it than Hubba but its a great space.

I stopped going a while ago though as it got too busy to get anything much done there as it was getting quite crowded and noisy (there is a quiet room upstairs).

Hive looks really cool but not checked it out yet.

Not been to any of the others but its on my to do list.

Used to go to Launchpad in late 2013 - did so every day for a month or two. Got back to Thailand this year and chose to visit Hubba this time.

Both are great places, Hubba being more cosy imo.

Launchpad is way bigger and didn’t have much foreigners working there (at that time), which can make it harder to get to know others…

I’ve just arrived in Bangkok and checking out the Hive for the first time. Seems very spacious and quiet, like a very large coffeeshop. Garden rooftop which is nice. But sort of miss the coziness of Hubba (I worked there last year). Has anyone made the switch over to the Hive? If so, why?

I prefer the Hive, mainly for the atmosphere and, yes, spaciousness. Overall more conducive to focus I think, plus more and better dining options within walking distance, and their team is super professional.

I feel Hubba is the most open and welcoming to new people, if you’re new in town and want to get to know people this is probably the nicest.

Another nice one for working quietly is One Day. Not if you go for mingling & getting to know other nomads etc though, mostly for isolated working in a nice space.

I’d just work at each one for a day and see which you like best :slight_smile:

On my stopover in BKK I worked two days in The Hive and loved it. I liked the spacious rooms and as mentioned before it’s very quite there. Good to get shit done!

Excellent suggestions,
Are these co-work spaces 24 hours ?
I would need to be only during the Daytime of eastern/NYC timezone (UTC-5hrs) which is direct opposite of thailand timezone.

Hi Eddy, did u found a 24hr space in Bangkok?

It’s not a co-working space, but I spent 3 weeks working from the front of Glur Bangkok.
It’s a hostel with a coffee-shop shop-front and open 24 hours. Really clean, decent wi-fi and friendly staff.
Right next to BTS Saphan Taksin for easy access also.

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Hive is 24/7 if you go on their top 2 packages I believe.

There’s also Too Fast To Sleep.

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Thanks for all your tips!

This post inspired me to go visit a bunch of spaces in Bangkok. Here’s my review of 6 different coworking spaces and their suitability for nomads
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Hope this helps some of you!