What's the best dentist in Bangkok?

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I’ll be visiting Thailand for the month of May after a yearlong stay in France. I’ve heard that getting dental work is super affordable in Thailand and I was hoping to get a cleaning + checkup before returning home to Canada in June.

Anyone have any experience with this? I’d love to get your thoughts/experience.


My partner had a good experience at Phaya Thai 2 hospital.

Bumrungrad Hospital is as good as it gets in Thailand. It’s near the Nana skytrain station and they definitely do dentistry.

I’ve done tooth removal at PRATUNAM BRANCH of http://www.thantakit.com/location-maps/ and have a good experience.

What about for more complex surgery such as Wisdom teeth removal? Close to nerves so needs to be quality professionals, certainly not a ‘just rip her out’ procedure.

The point was indeed to remove wisdom tooth.

Yes it’s super affordable but be very wary in selecting a dental place. Try checking out Thantakit International. Had my cleanings, a couple of fillings and a wisdom tooth extraction with them back in 2013. I was overall satisfied. They cater to expats and most of their dentists studied abroad so I believe their practices are at par with that of the western standards. Communication was pleasant. One of the few places that won’t rip you off.

I’ve had great luck with Thong Lor Dental Hospital over the years.

Very clean, modern facilities and equipment, friendly staff and great prices.


I remember years ago, when I was noob traveling/ living in Thailand, and I booked a hotel room at a hotel with “Mansion” in their name.

Little did I know and later I learned, “Mansion” seems to be synonymous with rundown hotels.

While I have no idea if “Thonglor Dental Hospital” qualifies as a hospital, I can vouch for the fact that they are professional, many of the dentists are western accredited, and they’re more than qualified for a cleaning and checkup.

They also won’t try and “discover” things to charge you for and upsell.

Was just in Bangkok and got a cleaning at Bangkok International Dentist Center. It is a 9 story state of the art facility just for dentistry and is the only JCI accreditation one in Asia. Cleaning cost me $40 including x-rays. Highly recommend this place. Top notch.

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I did cleaning at http://www.bangkoksmiledental.com/ in Jan. 600 THB. Cleaning was good, but I wouldn’t trust them with complex issues. For that BIDC may be a good choice.