What's the best digital nomad backpack?

Just out of interest, what do people do if they are travelling and decide to change their bag? Sell on to other travellers or ship the old bag home?

What do you think about this new Daily Backpack « Bobby, the Best Anti Theft backpack by XD Design »

That’s a pretty nice backpack! Doesn’t meet my needs for a daypack (my backpack doubles as both a laptop bag or a hiking daypack) and doesn’t look like it would work for when I’m traveling (90L on the back, laptop bag in front).

Still, for ~$100 that’s a pretty nice looking bag! I’m rather fond of the USB powerbank port.

It seems a nice enough bag :slight_smile: But some of the stats on their campaign are a bit weird. The % of British rail pickpocketings that occur on the Underground, how is that relevant?

I just give it away to a fellow traveler who needs it. To ship it home costs more than the bag is usually worth.

I have one and we actually sell it on our shop. I’ve traveled over 50k miles with it now and no issues.

I travelled 2.5 years with a Macpac Genesis. It’s a 55L hybrid (hiking and backpacking) bag with attachable 18L daypack. I kept the daypack detached pretty much the whole time. Super comfortable, padded, durable (special Aztec fabric) and waterproof.

Macpac is a New Zealand brand so really only available for those in the Southern Hemisphere, but they are absolute top quality IMO (although you pay for it). Next trip I’m gonna get a smaller Macpac as I got sick of carrying a bag this big, but going from hot to cold temperatures I needed it as I had to carry a lot of stuff, snow shoes, etc.

The best one I’ve used so far is one Apple gave to me when I bough my first iMac:
Thule Crossover TCBP-117

Hard to find now =( But it has everything I need, and I’ve been literally with it walking for hours and feels great.

A little surprised no one has mentioned the Tom Binh Synapse 25L. I’m convinced it’s the best backpack on the market for carry-on travelers.

Have you compared to the Tortuga Air? (It appears the Synapse also charges more for the optional Cache laptop sleeve, so roughly $240 versus $174, pre-discount.)

Dirt cheap, good reviews:

Eighteen month review of the Pelican S100 as a digital nomad here: http://nonprofitable.org/pelican-s100-backpack-eighteen-month-review/

TL;DR: Like a couple of folks posted above, I end up using this mostly on city-to-city travel. It’s awesome as airline carry-on, and awesome for longer motorcycle trips or when I have an absolutely critical project I’m working on where I can’t afford even a couple of days’ downtime (i.e. when I really need that insanely waterproof / bulletproof hard case for the laptop).

For days out, working from a coffee shop, or traveling inside a city, it’s heavy. Even in the middle of a Calcutta or Goa monsoon, even if I’m also on a bike and getting wet, I’m more likely to toss the Chromebook in a waterproof camping sack and put that into a super-light, disposable nylon backpack than lug the Macbook around in the Pelican.

Still a good buy, overall. I do a lot of city-to-city travel, so this is going to get a ton of use, and after a year and a half of intense abuse, I’m pretty sure it’ll out last my Macbook (or my next three Macbooks) easily.


Useful topic. Any updates? I’m thinking about Seoul Large Laptop Backpack - True Blue Without that ape-toy is stops being a female backpack and have a lot of positive reviews on Amazon
Minaal looks expensive and it with Tortuga don’t have a safe place for sunglasses.

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Nooooo that ape toy is cute! We always had Kipling’s with that toy in high school. :smiley:

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I don’t take it off as well but in case it bothers someone. I use my previous Kipling backpack about 15-20 years and it’s still ok, quality is super (I’ve also bought recently their crossbody bag and almost love it). But the old backpack wasn’t made for laptop. So i’m not sure if modern backpack, e.g. Seoul, good enough in back and shoulders support. If it’s supposed to carry for long distances.

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