What's the best laptop insurance for European nomads?

I’m taking the plunge and leaving London to travel around Europe and work for the next year or so.

Totally struggling to find any long term insurance for my Macbook Pro, do any europeans have any tips on where I should be looking? All the travel/gadget insurance i can find has a maximum of 90 day limit for being outside the country the insurance is bought in.

Any help appreciated!

I’ve also been trying to find this for myself and so far been pointed at the following:


  • will do £3000 for up to 6 months

- don’t know much about these guys - but I was told they’d do longer term high value gadget cover

- will do up to 180 days

If you’re a UK Citizen, you can try photogaurd, I know Erin and Simon from Never Ending Voyage use them.

I mean, you may have to fudge some details but still, it’s an option.

I’ve used Photoguard to insure my camera equipment and they did offer laptop insurance too - however it must have been bought new / first-hand to be valid.
My MBP is an Apple refurb which isn’t coverable so had to remove it from cover.

The other condition was that there needs to be evidence that your laptop is required for your photography (though not exclusively).

They also don’t cover against accidental loss.
Only forceable theft or breakage. But that of course is better than nothing.

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Thanks for the help! Protectyourbubble should do. Then just cancel and take out another policy after 6 months…