What's the best neighborhood in Phuket to live?

I’m heading to Phuket in mid January. Thinking about staying in the Karon neighborhood. I saw some posts that said there are lots of beach cafes in Phuket, and that most cafes in Thailand have wifi. Not sure if that logic extends to Phuket and Karon in particular?

I think Karon and Kamala Beach are quite popular in Phuket.

Go with Karon. Nice beach and close to everything (short drive to Patong & Patak). Make sure you go to the restaurant EAT. Excellent food and very nice scandinavian owner.


Oi vey, Phuket is probably my least favorite place in Thailand. I agree that Karon is okay, Kata as well. These two beaches are known for having a lot of Russian tourists and that’s probably true as I did hear a lot of people speaking Russian, but I didn’t feel unwelcome or out of place as some suggested I might. Karon and Kata (and I have heard the same for Kamala as well) are quieter, prettier, cleaner and far less touristy than Patong.

I found the internet in Phuket to be less reliable overall and cut out more than in Bangkok or even other islands like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui. That being said, that is anecdotal feedback and just my personal experience during the time I was there. I didn’t do a study on internet on the entire island - connectivity depends on many variable factors. There are quite a few companies serving the island and Phuket is huge, so just make sure to do your research and have a back up. I wouldn’t recommend using beach cafes as your main source of Internet.

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I like Kata as beach, but that is all I like about Phuket. Too touristic