What's the best places to work in Pai, Thailand?

Hi everyone!
I’m searching for places to work from in Pai, i.e. cafes or restaurants.

I am looking for:

  • Quiet place - not full of customers nor just next to a road
  • Comfy seats
  • Regular height table - not breaking my back using my laptop
  • Open until at least until 18:30 - many places seem to close early in Pai
  • Good coffee or food would be great
  • Good WiFi is optional, I usually use my smartphone 3G hotspot

So many DN coming from Chiang Mai to escape the city life, I hope this thread will help a few of us stay in Pai a bit longer than usual :wink:

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Self reply to help out this thread to take off :wink:

While traveling I took the habit of never relying on wifi as I got disappointed/annoyed too many times. So I would always try the wifi wherever I go & trust my 3G (using my smartphone hotspot) as a reliable fallback solution. Pai cafes & restaurants did have very casual cafes/restaurant with actually good & reliable internet.

There is no more co-working space in Pai (Mergespace was closed), however you can work from those places:

  • Cake Go “O”: a bakery/cafe located in the centre of Pai, here exactly goo.gl/maps/5LrNz7khTEQ2. It’s quiet, has lots of comfy seats, open from 10 til 22, has good coffee & even serves food, finally it has a good wifi. Only thing missing are tables that are high enough, just got to work with the laptop…on top of your laps.
  • Thien Art Space: a café/restaurant & art space located a little bit outside the center of Pai, here exactly goo.gl/maps/9KVzHsyARtQ2. it’s very quiet, has lots of comfy seating options, has good coffee & good food, & has good wifi. They even have desk-like tables, so you won’t be breaking your back :wink:
  • Pai Siam: a restaurant located in the center of Pai, here exactly goo.gl/maps/gAJFsuXGeVt. There is a quiet area at the back of the restaurant, it’s quite small & cosy. It has comfy seats, and a selection of drinks & food. I think it’s open until 22:00. Wifi was good & reliable.

Staff was super nice in each of those places. Each place comes with a different atmosphere so at least one of them will please you I suppose.

Looking forward to read other DN’s tips!


Now I am staying at Pai. Cafe info you gave here seems very useful. Thanks!

I’m relying on the place that im staying at the moment, chang pai hill. Its got ok internet and the view is stunning. Just have to find coffee now.