What's the best portable scanner?

I’m an illustrator, and I really need a scanner since most of my illustrations are handmade. So I would like to know if there´s any portable scanner you guys recommend or how easy is to find scanners in the coworking spaces. Thanks =)

You are an illustrator!? Ah! This is of great interest. We occasionally need artists and illustrators to do small, one off pieces and reliable people are extremly hard to find. You got a portfolio site? In terms of scanners, this is one I’ve seen people using and it looked ok from a distance. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/reviews/pc-peripheral/3502304/epson-workforce-ds-30-review/

Only heard good things about Doxie Go and Fujitsu ScanSnap

Have you tried transitioning to a graphics tablet - it might be better in the long run. It’s a steep learning curve and is like learning a whole new medium but it’s so convenient!

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Hey Giraffe, that´s nice! I´m gonna check this one. Yes, I do have a portfolio, this one I run with my boyfriend, for more commercial illustrations (we are building our portfolio in English, but you can check this one for now):


And this one is more for magazines, books and special projects:


Let´s keep in touch :wink:

Isabella, I know the graphic tablet would be better for us, but still we need some effects that we can only achieve handmaking. Anyway, thanks for your advice. :smile:

I can vouch for the ScanSnap S1100, mostly for it’s ease of use. It’s dead simple. I’m assuming that’s about as small as you’re going to get, but I could be wrong.

Currently have the ScanSnap S1100 which I really like, scanned over 3000 documents with it.

But when it breaks I’ll get the Doxie Go WiFi:

Why? You don’t need a computer to scan with the Doxie, with the SnapScan you need to hook it up to your laptop. As an extra, the WiFi of the Doxie syncs wirelessly.

ps. The Doxie also has a case available on their site, I’d definitely buy that as well.

@anaycarol :

Found a 50 dollar discount on the Doxie Go Plus or Doxie Go Wifi, world-wide shipping.
I can confirm that the discount still work (just bought one).

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Yes, I need for A4 formats, but I’m more worried about the resolution and quality than the size of the scanner… Of course I don’t want to carry a big one, but if there’s something that it’s between a traditional scanner and a portable one, and has a great quality, I would pick something in between. I’ll check the recommendations :wink: thanks

I challenge anyone to find a cheaper scanner than what you can build with some cardboard and a knife! Check this out: http://lifehacker.com/5324574/create-an-iphone-document-scanner-from-cardboard.

No point in carrying around a scanner if you already have a smartphone camera.

I agree with @idris. I use my iPhone and Evernote in place of a scanner and have had no issues at all.

I travel with a Doxie Go. They’re great but my only niggle is that you have to run the paper all the way through the scanner and I loath having to tear out pages of my sketchbook! So usually end up using loose paper if I know I need a digital copy, and making do with a photo for the sketchbook.

As for co-working scanners, I’ve not come across one anywhere yet!

Up to what paper thickness can it scan? I use a 300lbs pound paper for some of my illustrations.

Yeah. I’m not an illustrator but I was carrying my scanner around from Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Montenegro. Even though it nearly did not break, I ditched it for the CamScanner Pro app. I have an HTC Evo, so it’s a pretty descent camera.

The documents honestly look better than a my scanner

iOS: http://apple.co/1GeMKhL
Android: http://bit.ly/1nxrb0W

Happy scanning!