What's the best productivity tools for digital nomads?

Hi all,

A few questions for all you nomadic freelance developers out there:

  1. what tools do you use/how do you monitor your productivity if you’re not held accountable by a team?

  2. do you ever have problems getting new clients/work due to the (misinformed) belief that you can’t be productive when travelling?

This is interesting to me as I currently work as part of a team of devs that run scrum/agile development and we can track our productivity as a dev team and show those results to our clients and prospective new customers.

I’m looking at going nomad very soon so wondering how you individual freelancers deal with this?



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Check out rescue time - works for me!

Hey TheSuedeTiger,

If you’re getting some of your clients from sites like Upwork, they have a screenshare/tracking tool that lets clients view your progress and time logged. As someone who has hired a few developers/designers from that site, I can tell you that it’s seriously useful.
I believe it takes a screenshot of your workspace every 10 minutes (approx) and uploads it into a ‘work diary’ your client can view. It also measures mouse/keyboard activity, but i’ve found the screenshot thing the most helpful.
It’s an excellent way for your clients to validate your productivity. If youre a designer, they can watch your PS progress. If you’re a developer, they can follow along (somewhat) in Xcode/Android Studio.

Otherwise, I’d suggest explaining to the client at the start of the contract that you plan on updating them at a specific time interval, say every 2 days. At least set that expectation. The more organized and responsible you can be in their eyes, the better your chances of excellent referrals.

Hope that helped some. Shoot me a message if you’d like to talk further!

Hey @TheSuedeTiger,

I use Rescuetime.com and Wakatime.com, then sync RT with beeminder.com.

There was this one great article discussing just that. I can’t seem to find it though. Will share it here later if I found it again. Basically it went through on saying you don’t have to put it in their face that you’re having fun right there on the beach while they have to be stuck in the office wherever they were.

I think being as visual as you can be with your work would be very helpful. Some examples are have them as observers on trello board or if you have them on Slack connected a channel with your trello/pivotal tracker so everytime you start or finish your work they’ll get notified.

There is Yaware.TimeTracker, you might like this app, it is easy to use, and shows where the time goes. timetracker.yaware.com/time-tracking-app/