What's the best visa strategy for US citizen staying in Bali for 5-6 months?

From what I’ve researched I can get a Visa on arrival and then extend that by another 60 days. (Is it around $60-70 for the original plus extension?)

But what about if I would like to plan for staying longer - should I get the 60 day visa that I can extend for 120 days?

Also, what is the process for extending the Visa? Do I need to leave the country to do so? In the first scenario, with the 30 day VOA and add’l 30 day extension, is it possible to stay longer by leaving and then coming back? Is there a limit for how many days one needs to leave the country and how many times this process can be repeated in any given time period (i.e. a year)?

Thanks very much for any help / advice / information!

planning to stay where? can’t respond without knowing what country you’re talking about.

Of course! :wink: Edited to add - Bali!

You have three options basically:

  1. Visa on arrival for free, no extension, have to leave after 30 days

  2. Visa on arrival for 35USD (have to pay at counter before
    immigration), can extend for another 30 days, easy done through an agent (e.g. http://www.baliexpatservices.com/ in Seminyak), costs about 60 USD. After 60 days you have to do a visa run.

  3. Get a tourist visa at a consulate before coming to Bali. Gives you 60 days. Can be turned into a social visa through an agency in Bali without having to leave the country. This gives you 6 months. Costs about 50-80USD per month. see prices http://www.baliexpatservices.com/visa-extensions.php
    You can also get a social visa through an ageny like that in Singapore.


Thanks, Conni! If I do the second option is it just a matter of leaving Bali and coming back within a day? Is this allowed to be done any number of times?