What's the best warm destinations in Europe in the winter?

I would suggest Tunisia/Djerba.
Climate is mild and the mediterranean is warm enough for swimming in November.

Plus we run http://coworking.camp there this year, so you will be around a lot of other location independent entrepreneurs and nomads.

@Nikolask7 Thanks for the suggestion! Any cities in particular that you can recommend for solid internet, nice vistas, and some culture/arts?

@hannahvictorius thanks for this! I have considered Morocco. How was the internet in Taghazhout? Where did you find a place to stay, airbnb?

@MatthiasEZeitler I remember looking at your camp a couple weeks ago actually - looks like fun! Timing does not work for me however. I had looked at Djerba after looking at your camp, and don’t recall seeing many airbnbs. Any recommendations on how to book an accommodation? And how is the internet?

Mhm, if the timing doesnt work for you, then I am not sure if I would want to be there on your own. Outside the hotels the infrastructure is pretty basic and internet is a problem. We have made special arrangements to ensure high bandwith for our group, but otherwise internet is pretty slow. Also there is no digital nomad or startup community, so while our group is there there will be a lot of interesting connections and networking, but otherwise you are stuck with older retired couples escaping the winter. :smile:

So if November/December is not a good time for you, then maybe another destination is a better choice.

I haven’t actually been there yet, but plan to this side or Christmas or the other, after a friend had a good experience at Sun Desk. The internet there is good, but out an about it’s average I guess. Not super-fast, like parts of Europe. But for the work I need to do, it’s fine. Nomad List rates it an average of 5mbps. Hope that helps!


Please check Madeira Island, Funchal specially. Good internet, great food, good weather, cheap travels (lowcost from Portugal), amazing culture and good combination of sea and nature with a good city and services.

Mind that Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the like are not part of Europe, and also have this kinda third world standards. You love it or hate it, then it’s your personality, your expectations, experiences, and so on.
Canary islands belong to Spain, so y they have much higher standards (and it’s probably simpler visa wise), the trade off is the cost of life that is higher (although still cheap). Ryanair flies to canary islands.

@AdrienBe thanks. I would love to do the Canary islands for 3 months, but I’ll already be in Spain/Portugal for 3 months in the fall. What sort of visa are you talking about? Any idea how to make this work as a US citizen with Schengen restrictions?

@jamminsloth oh I see, then it might be a good alternative, it’s super cheap to fly from Europe to Morocco, Algeria, and the likes. If you want a higher standard of life and faster internet, you might want to be in a bigger city. Morocco has a decent 3G network, and quite cheap (circa 10€ for 1GB internet on a pay as you go), but the coverage is not consistent across the country.
Another country you can consider: Cape Verde.
I went to Cape Verde for the first time in January this year. I had average expectations and was very surprised how great this place was for my holiday. Note that I was not working while there. Basically, it’s a country in the middle of the Atlantic, they speak Portuguese (a dialect of it), people are extremely nice and laid back, it has this Caribbean touch although it’s attached to Africa. It’s a world top spot for kite surfing. Many world competitors are actually from there or train there. You can also do surf, windsurf and more water sports. Hiking is also getting very popular in the islands of Santo Antao, this is a very green and mountainous island, not to be missed. Internet can be a problem though, the size of some of the islands limit their development (infrastructures, education, hospitals, and so on) but you can get 3G internet for circa 10€ for 1GB. Again, go to bigger cities for higher internet speeds (Mindello or Praia). I heard you can find Return tickets to Cape Verde from Europe (London, Paris, Madrid, Lisboa) from 400 euros if you are flexible. Another way is to go from canary island, by plane… Or by boat, for free as a crew member, it takes about 6 days of sailing, but you probably need experience to be taken on board, not sure. Go to Cape Verde, it’s awesome :smiley:
I posted a couple of information regarding the different topics:
Cape Verde: travel between islands
Cape Verde: accommodation to expect?
Cape Verde: any safety alerts regarding hasslers, con men, thieves or muggers specific to this region?


Regarding your questions!
What sort of visa are you talking about? I suppose you may need a visa when going to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the likes, I don’t know really.
Any idea how to make this work as a US citizen with Schengen restrictions? No sorry, I’m a EU citizen so my knowledge is very limited in this topic.

Canary Islands, no doubt. Is warm all year round, well connected to major European cities, quite cheap and plenty of nature and activities to do

Turkey is a reasonable choice. Cheap flights,cheap life costs, lots of coworking spaces and so on…

Plus Handsome Boys and Beautiful Girls :slight_smile:

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+1 for Turkey, beautiful place, very nice people, quite developed country (good internet in cities), cheap accommodation/food, and probably quite warm in the winter.

I’m heading to turkey in a week. my apartment is 350 Euro a month in a 5* building and it’s in the low 20s and sunny. Works for me!

350 euros per month for a 5* apartment in Turkey! That’s a great price.
Can I ask you the city where this is?

alanya. not the best choice if you are a party person but if you just need a place nearby that is semi-warm and inexpensive, it’s a solution.

A quick note to Europeans oblivious to visas, etc: Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc are all inside the Schengen zone, so none of them work for those seeking to escape the 90-day restriction. The original question specified “not Schengen”. Therefore, Madeira, Canary Islands, etc do not quality.

However, does anyone have any experience with Cyprus (especially the Greek part)? It is part of EU but not of Schengen (not yet, anyway).

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I was looking into the option of Cyprus, but couldn’t find out whether I’d be overstaying Schengen. Apparently Portugal offers tourist visa extensions for up to 90 days. It costs around 100 euros. I’m in Barcelona for the next month and then I have an appointment in Portugal to get an extension. Hopefully all goes as planned!

This is very interesting. Please post here to tell us how it goes. I’ve never heard of these Schengen “extensions,” but I can’t say that I properly investigated either.