What's the best way to obtain a one or two month sublet in Saigon (or anywhere) on short notice?


This is my first post in nomadlist although I’ve followed the forum for a while! My question is about finding 1-2 month housing. For shorter stays, in the past, I’ve used airbnb with some success, and for longer term stays, I assume you search the apartment rental market. I’ve done some 1 month stays at airbnbs, but I imagine one month in advance that’s inefficient because many places will have at least 1 day filled in the month you are looking and consequently won’t show up on your search. You’ll only be searching places with no bookings in the next month.

So, my question is, what to do in this situation? Do you just make the best of airbnb slash hotels, or is there a better way to look for one month sublets and the like? I’m looking specifically at Saigon but also curious about in general.

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We found a Saigon apartment for 2 months on craigslist for the very next day. Even same day might work.

1 month shouldn’t be a problem in Saigon as it is in Bangkok…


So, is craigslist pretty much the universal best way for people to find one or two month apartments?

I’d still give Airbnb a shot. If the host has several apartments, they might be willing to move a guest that has a short booking to another place if they are getting something longer term. Just do a search without dates and then check the calendar.

Thanks Kathry!

I’ve also found numerous facebook groups specially aimed for rent to be very useful.

You can just walk around the alleys in Nguyen Thi Minh Khai 18a - 18bis and look for the signs. You can do the same in the alleys in Japantown district 1 (Thai Van Lung street) which is usually a bit more expensive.
If you are looking for more privacy and/or a bigger apartment Craigslist is not too bad. There are a few agents who specialize in short-term accommodation (less than 6 months). Of course, there will be less options if you stay only 1 months because most landlords will not bother. I stayed in a few places near Tan Dinh market (some still in D1 and some just in D3 at the border to D1).
Send me a message if you want me to look up the places.

Generally, location-specific Facebook groups (e.g. Expats in Taipei, Roommates in Taipei) work quite well. Sometimes whole apartments are posted there as a sublet.

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I had no problem finding something nice (a modern condo with pool and gym) in Bangkok via AirBnb. But Saigon proves itself extremely difficult. Prices of luxurious apartments similar to the ones which are abundant in BKK are ridiculously high here in Ho Chi Minh City (> 1000$/month etc.)! Also, they are mostly in district 2 or 7, which are as far as I can tell not very “interesting”.

So far I’m better off in a hostel/hotel in district 1 in the Pham Ngu Lao area which costs me less for a double bed room (and even a simple breakfast inc.) than a studio or 1 BR apartment…

Does anybody have suggestions for areas which are suitable for a Digital Nomad who likes to live in a newer studio or apartment, but not spend more than 600 USD a month? And restaurants and maybe a few bars nearby would be nice, also it shouldn’t be too far from District 1 if possible. But more important is that there should be either a good co-working space or suitable cafés nearby. Is district 2 across the rive convenient enough? Thanks for any tips.