What's the difference between Ko Lanta and Ko Phangan?

I’m trying to organize my winter 2016 getaway and plan to spend a couple of months working from a beach in Thailand.

So far I have my eyes set on Ko Lanta and/or Ko Phangan as these two seem to offer good co-working spaces and lots of great beaches.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been to either of the two (or both) and what you liked/disliked about them or if you’d recommend one or the other?


I was at both places, both of them are kinda nice in their different way. I don’t remember Koh Phangan having any coworking if really, but i didn’t searched that much. Phangan is a little bit crazy, party vibe. But a lot of places to explore.

Really strange prices on rent property, a lot of cheap and really expensive properites. But middle price is almost absent…

I liked Koh Lanta more, vibe is not so crazy. Good places to eat out. Prices for renting are not that high, a lot of variations for every taste. Great community at Kohub. Cheap eco-friendly tourism -> cave explorations, kayak and etc.etc.

I would def go back to Koh Lanta, not really looking forward to Koh Phangan that much.

Thanks Skat. This really really helpful and confirmed my tendencies towards Koh Lanta! :smile: