What's the difference between Ubud and Canggu in Bali?

Hey nomads,

I’m hoping for some advice from people who’ve lived in Ubud or Canggu. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each place? If you’ve lived in both, which did you prefer and why? (e.g. surfing vs yoga, or varying WiFi availability, or better accommodation, or number of nomads)


I lived in Ubud for 3+ months this year, spent on and off time in Canggu during that time. I just returned to Bali and am moving into a long-term rental house in Canggu.

My two cents:
I love Ubud. It has a great coworking space, Hubud, and a pretty established digital nomad/online entrepreneur community there.
I love the yoga and amazing healthy restaurant scene there. I’m a total hippie myself. So yeah, definitely an awesome place. And one, that needs a while to get to know, so as a tourist not as fun, but to live really great.

But: You are an hour scooter drive away from the beach and surf. It rains much more in Ubud in rainy season. Traffic is a bitch most of the time in town. And Canggu is just more chilled out. But it guess it’s a matter of preference. I dont think one is better than the other. You can also get a house outside of Ubud in the ricefields, where it’s quiet.

I find 3G and wifi in cafes etc better in Canggu too. Ubud is lagging a bit behind in that department, but Hubud has great speeds now.
There is a lot of yoga in Canggu now too, pleeenty. Awesome cafes and restaurants.
The online entrepreneur community is not quite properly established yet, but I would like to change that… there is a cool coworking space, Dojo Bali, which just took over Salty Volt. Let’s see what these guys are doing with the space, apparently they have big plans.

The way I will keep it from now on: Have a house in Canggu and then go to Ubud every other week or so.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Most digital nomads prefer Ubud for some reason which I don’t understand. For me, it’s too boring & quiet there, and far from everything. Canggu has everything, rice fields, fancy villas, bars, clubs, restaurants, a coworking space, especially a beach, an amazing place to surf. About coworking spaces, Salty Volt is far much better than Hubud. It’s cheaper, open 24/7, fast internet, large space, plenty of desks, it has a swimming pool, 100m from the beach, restaurants and bars are around.


Also, I like Canggu weather much more !

Thanks for the tips. Me and my girlfriend are planning to head to bali next year for a month or two (or however long is possible).
Is it relatively easy to get set up, like finding a villa/studio with internet and kitchen?

And in your honest opinion, how much do you think it costs per month, say, for a couple who don’t drink much, but would want to do things like yoga, co-working, and eating at cafes/restaurants/street food?