What's the first step now that I can work remotely?

Hi everyone and nice to e-meet you!
finally, after so long I found a job that allows me to work remotely.
But now? Do you have any practical advice that I can use to approach this new world?
In particular, I have to put my tax situation in order, do you know a good tax advisor from whom I can ask for advice? (I’m Italian but I live in France…I don’t know how long it will be…) )
Beyond that, any advice is welcome.
Thank you!

  1. Pick a city to go
  2. Book a flight and hotel/Airbnb
  3. Go there!

I would avoid putting your tax situation in order and instead keep paying tax in your home country, until you permanently move elsewhere for over 2 years. That’s the general advice accountants will give you.

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  1. being able to work remotely it doesn’t mean that you should stay always somewhere, for instance I spend in my little and beloved little village (San Marcello, Marche, Italia) most of the time
  2. if you don’t want to risk to remain too long in a place, buy always also the return ticket
  3. try to understand what do you really need with you and be light, also because every flight is more expensive with second suitcase specially if it’s heavy. For instance I keep laptop, a very little and light magnetic second monitor, camera and a few lenses in a little backpack I’ve always with me (less than 8kg), and a second bigger backpack for all the clothes (10kg usually). For little trips of one week try to learn how to move with only hand luggage.
  4. whenever you move be sure you’ll have a place where you can work, usually before renting a room I check if there is also a desk with comfortable chair because otherwise after some weeks I’ll be destroyed.
  5. always check if where you are going you need a health insurance
    I know, most of them are just travel advices. If you work for a company and you plan to stay no more than one month or two in a place I wouldn’t mind about taxes.