What's the ideal digital nomad places in Europe?


I am looking for doing about one month of solid work; I have previously worked out of Chiang Mai and I am looking for something simlar:

  • Good coworking place
  • Cheap rent
  • Good food

But in ideally in Europe.

In other words: What are good digital nomading places in Europe? In particular something that is not too dark and cold this of time year.

– Christian

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Well, the final requirement will be a challenge. There are coworking spaces in Barcelona, tarifa, and split, Croatia. They might fit your requirements.

Wrt. the weather my requests are 1) temperatures above 10 celsius, 2) sun rise before 10 am.

I have the idea that rents in Barcelona (or Tarifa for that matter) are fairly high? How much would 1 month amount?

Barcelona: Temp in January: 4-12 degrees at night , 12-19 during the day and mostly sunny

Sunrise on Jan 21: 8:12 am - Sunset: 17:43

min. 300€ for a shared apartment with all costs included - 700€ for your own short-term rent if its not high season and 8-12€/m² for long term rents

The Canaries. They tick all of your boxes. Particularly Las Palmas. It has quite a few co-working offices. Rent and food are cheap. And it’s never cold. I’ve been wearing shorts and sandals since I arrived in late November. And politically it’s in Europe, although geographically it’s much closer to Morocco.

If you don’t need a co-working space and would get by with just a high speed connection from your own apartment, I’d recommend some of Southern Spain’s resort offerings. They are usually vacant and very inexpensive deals can be found for January/February. I spent January of 2014 in Alhama de Murcia, at this resort http://www.condadodealhama.eu/eng_index.php in a two bedroom apartment with heat/water/utilities included for 400 Euro. It was great and vacant like a ghost town, since hardly anyone was there except a few snow birds from England and some full timers, we really had the place to ourselves. Local food was inexpensive, the grocery store on resort was marked up of course. But for 400 Euros a month, it was super nice. We couldn’t swim since it was still cold, but very sunny and pleasant. Just as a comparison, the next month we stayed in an apartment in Valencia (way better connected with public transport, awesome metro and tons more to do night life and on foot), but that was 800 Euro for the month (utilities and high speed wifi included) and the accommodations were not as nice or that new. Both had full furnished, including linens and fitted kitchens. Would love to be in Spain now, but we are spending 3 months in Oregon, and it hasn’t stopped raining since mid December. :frowning:

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when you say “Europe” are you talking about EU countries exclusively, or you’d consider non-EU countries of European continent?

Ooh, I second the Canaries - I arrived in Las Palmas yesterday and think I’m going to really enjoy it here (as long as I can find some accommodation…)

I was in Valencia this time last year and loved it, and I was in Malaga in November/December - opinion seems split on this but I really enjoyed it, mainly as I love art and it has loads of galleries, although it doesn’t have a great nomad scene. But not a drop of rain in the 5 weeks I was there. Seville has a bit more going on but is inland obviously, though that won’t matter if you’ve been in Chiang Mai. They are all cheaper than Barcelona, I think.

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Has anyone considered Sofia (Bulgaria)? I think it meets the cheapness requirement, but I am not sure about food.

At least one member has their home base in Sofia. I don’t remember Bulgarian food being remarkable though when I was there…

There is a new, vibrant DN community around Sun and Co., a coliving and coworking space in Jávea, Spain, in the Mediterranean Coast. I think Jávea satisfies all your requirements: it is inexpensive, good food, the weather is great (18 degrees Celsius just today) and it is authentic, you get in touch with locals. Take a look!

I am home based in Sofia at the moment. Good coworking places, cheap rent and good food is around, tho a bit snowy this time of year. But if you love snow sports, plenty of options a short drive a way for the weekends. Ask me anything, if you are interested.

The food in Bulgaria is wonderful. And they make very good wine, too.

Hi All,
has someone been in Tallinn (Estonia)?, who can recommend where to find cheap places to rent (shared flats or entire flats even if they are small between 200 and 400 Euro/Month it’s ok) or for staying like 2/3 months? It will be much appreciated!!

Hello! I’ve just arrived in Tallinn. Did you end up finding accomodation at this rate? How has your time in Tallinn been? I’m using AirBNB; my current accomodation is kinda expensive but the next booking is much cheaper, close to the rates you asked about. Madeline

Hi Madelaine!, yes, finally I’ve been there just one month in June. I found a place joining Accommodation in Tallinn group in Facebook and found a room for 250 EUR/month really well located 6 blocks from city center (Old Town). I really loved Estonia, it was such an amazing experience, I’ll definetly go back sometime!. Hope you can enjoy your time there, must be full of snow already!!

Hi! That’s great! Glad you loved Estonia and your time there! I’ll look into that Facebook group if my next accomodation doesn’t work out. Thankyou. It is definitely snowing! Good luck

Hi @mule5 - Where are you finding your accommodation? (We usually stay a month in each location & need fast & high speed internet.)

Hi @edu - We’re looking for a Costa del Sol location (or within an hour of the southern Spanish coast) for most of Feb. I saw your mention of Javea & it looks pretty attractive. We like to be within walking of at least some services. Can you recommend any specific locations (or ones to avoid) in the area?

We use every possible app, service and website. :slight_smile: You’ve got to really hunt around, to find good deals.

In this instance, we found the property on Air B&B about 3 years ago, we stayed here before, then you can compare on VRBO, craigslist, habitaclia.com, airbnb, realestate long term rental sites, etc…

Our current apartment is in a resort, it’s like a ghost town really. So many units unsold, and so many that are owned and empty. So you have tons of leverage on a furnished rental. We are paying 350 euros/month for everything EXCEPT electric. Since heat and everything uses electricity, we are projecting about 150 euros a month. So a total of ~$500/mo for a 3 bedroom furnished apartment is great. Internet is 10 mbps/2 mbps, so not great, but also not horrible. It’s enough to let the kids do their online schooling while I am still able to connect and get stuff done.

There are a number of resorts around Murcia with similar units on offer, search for the resorts like Covera, Condado de Alhama, etc… While you are there, you could spend 50k - 100k and pick up a unit yourself too. :wink:

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