What's the telecom provider in Italy with best 4G coverage?

Anyone has experience with prepaid 4G data-only SIM cards in Italy?

My main contenders are Wind, Three and Vodafone.

Do you know which one offers the best deal and coverage? I have a mifi device.


Hi. Vodafone Italia is known to have the best coverage, latency and download/upload rates.
Wind is second, and Tre Italia is third (they just fused together BTW).
If you plan to go in small town or remote places, avoid Tre.
Honestly I don’t know which one is the cheapest, but this is a good starting point.

Hi @Pixelcamo,
I found a good deal on Vodafone (after some digging on the website, it’s not easy to find): €20 for 10GB. And another one on Tre, €5 for 3GB. So, for the same money, I’d get 2 GB more. But I wonder if I can activate it more than once in a month.

I’m going to Florence, which is a bigger city. Someone told me that Three/Tre don’t allow you to use their SIM card in any mifi device but the one locked to their network. I hope it’s not true, but just an issue with that person’s device…

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Firenze should be 100% covered by Tre, according to this map:
But three different activations… I wouldn’t do it. And from what I’m reading regarding MiFi, all rechargeable plans work on a single device (or in tethering), but the use in modem is recognized and blocked (or even taxed maybe).

BTW, check also TIM, which is the biggest mobile company in Italy and also the owner of all infrastructures used by Vodafone and Wind (Tre has it’s own network).

Hi, TIM has 4G, but my personal experience was that their 3G+(HSPA) was much faster than 4G (where both were available). That was in northern Italy. To be honest, 3G+ isn’t noticeably slower compared to 4G, in any country that I have experience with (UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy), at least with normal usage (web browsing).
I have written some infos about getting SIM cards, activation process etc here, feel free to check it out: Local SIM card database, and if you should gain experience with the Vodafone offer (or any other), I invite you to contribute to my list by filling out a small questionaire: Add local SIM card. Thanks.

If you are interested in long term unlimited solution - check out http://www.alternatyva.it/alternatyva_mobile/

Oh wow, all prepaid plans allow only 1 device?! or just on Tre?

Hi @flystein, that looks interesting. Do you have any experience with it? I don’t need a long term, I’ll probably be in Florence for a month.

@pilcrow that’s a good submission form…I think there was another Google spreadsheet floating around here, which has more info on Eastern Europe…why don’t you two merge your information into one spreadsheet?

This wiki is in my opinion the best place to get up-to-date information about SIM cards around the world.

At least TIM allows MiFi access with multiple devices (I’ve been using it like that).

Yes, I am using http://www.alternatyva.it for months now in Milan, I got 50% off deal via coupon site. Works ok.

For 1 month - not sure if it counts as long term solution :slight_smile: Just get some prepaid SIM with few GB

If anyone is using Lycamobile: i have a 5EUR credit here that I did not use:


Have fun!