What's the weirdest thing you travel with?


I was thinking about packing today and I’m curious: what’s the weirdest thing you guys have in your bags? Nomads are, by nature, minimalists, but I’m sure we all do it differently. I have a friend who travels with BASE jumping gear, another a sequin dress. So, what’s the most unusual thing in your bag?

Mine is probably that I travel with a dog.

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Hey Gigi!
I’m a chef so I travel with my knife kit, utensils, supplies and hard-to-find spices. Knives have to be in checked baggage so that’s a bummer. And sometimes the security folks like to “confiscate” my spices or foodstuffs that I buy along the way (last week, they got “gifted” a tin of duck confit).
If I could have figured out a way to pack my NutriSystem, I would have but that thing weighs a ton. One guy I know travels with his French press coffee-maker. I’d like to start a bolt-on service to Airbnb so hosts or guests could rent kitchen items during their stay!

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Ack! I would be so so sad if they confiscated my spices! I am usually traveling with a few spreads, spices, maybe some wine as well.

Also, I LOVE the idea of kitchen rentals in Airbnbs. I would love to temporarily own a good ice cream maker. :slight_smile:


Well it’s not that weird but I usually get some WTF stares from it… I carry a plastic coffee filter and paper inserts (the kind that sits on top of a cup to make drip coffee). Also a big bag of coconut sugar :wink: I pick up ground coffee as I travel. People ask why when there is such good coffee in some of the places I visit; well, I like drip coffee and it also saves a LOT of money as I usually need at least one cup to start my day! :smiley:


xbox controller :smiley:

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I travel with my dog too. :blush:

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As of couple of days ago, I travel with muay thai shorts with my name on them. It’s q gift from my Thai friend and I can’t throw it away. :slight_smile:


I love my travel yoga mat. It takes up a quarter of my bag but getting it a year into travel has improved my quality of life significantly. It means I have no excuse for not doing regular exercise and as an added bonus it’s a perfect booster seat for all of the tables that are too high for me to type at. Yeah, it does take up a quarter of my travel bag but at this point I couldn’t do without it!


Even with my minimal nomad backpack (45L), I happened to carry Manual coffee grinder and an Aeropress coffee maker.

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it’s more a case of me travelling with it.


I travel with more laptops than trousers. (3 laptops, 1 trouser)


A psychedelic face & neck cover. For when I randomly find myself at a dusty festival during my adventures :wink:

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I travel with a aqua dumbbell. It compresses down flat in suit case, and then I just fill it with water to turn it into a fully functional dumbbell. Up to 10KG~


That’s really cool! Do you have a link to where I could get one of those?


i (very) briefly traveled with a Hurom juicer and then a Magic Bullet type of blender - now i just look for airbnbs that have a blender and/or juicer. the weirdest thing currently in my suitcase are a few bottles of DIY chemical peels :slight_smile:


I travel with an Xbox controller too! I connect it to my laptop and then wheeeeee


I travel with Aquanotes. It’s a waterproof notepad that suction-cups to the side of your shower, so your good ideas don’t go down the drain — they get written down. It’s a funny tool in life, but I love it.


I travel with a pair of drumsticks and my MIDI keyboard which connects to my macbook. I made it a goal this year to keep working on my musical chops while traveling.

Also travel with a massage ball which has been awesome to roll around on between trips. Foam roller was way too large for my carry on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I travel with my Xbox sometimes :wink:


Lol I think my entire setup is weird.

We travel with an entire suitcase of exclusively supplements. I have my printer (HP Deskjet 3795) because printing in hotels and bnbs is unreliable or shite. Endless colouring books. Our own kitchen gear, pans, knives, even a knife sharpener (small and large) and some little device to keep pots from boiling over. I too am one of those weirdoes with a nutribullet in stow. Spices. Rendered fats. Oh and a couple LG LED projectors in case there is a good wall at our destination. (We also carry Apple TVs, Rokus, a couple PS4s and otherwise to keep the kiddies busy)

Sometimes I think having a roll up whiteboard is excessive. Some other weird shit in my current kit is a Korean amethyst heat pad. I’ve got a battery backup too in case the power is fuzzy.

Somehow all this fits into a VW Van. I have a science to packing. (Its called excessive multi city storage units)