What's your favorite digital nomad spots in Europe?

I just landed in Europe - starting off in Malta. I plan to move around within Europe and the UK for about 8 months. Any recommendations for hotspots for digital nomads? Specifically, I’d like to meet other DNs in person (via coworking, etc), as I recently starting working as a DN and haven’t met too many people in person who are doing what we are doing!

Affordable places are great, but I don’t want to rule out Scandinavia, for example, if I can find a good housesit. Finally, I know this is very specific and might be hard for most to answer – but if anyone reading has experience eating gluten-free in Europe, would love to know the better countries for that (for instance, I’ve heard Germany and France are pretty tough). Thanks.

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I’m not gluten-free, but I have a friend who is and who said she was pleasantly surprised at how many options she found in northern Italy.

As for hot spots, I’ve never been myself, but I know nomads/bloggers/etc. seem to all end up in Berlin at one point or another. Barcelona also seems popular (though personally I dislike the city) and I’ve heard a lot of people talking about London.

If you are in the Swiss Alps in May/June or in Slovenia in July, give me a shout. I’m in the Alps for a couple months now then heading to Slovenia.

Thanks, @gigigriffis, I will keep your plans in mind. Berlin didn’t grab me when I was there (but it was years ago, and winter), but I might give it a try again. I’m a huge fan of Spain in general, but Sevilla over Barcelona. Italy has the highest incidence of Celiac disease, so yes, it’s supposed to be very good. Malta, I’m finding, has not adopted so much of that particular Italian practice.

We’ve had several digital nomad meetups in London and Berlin and they have some great coworking spaces, I know more about Berlin’s cowork spaces like Betahaus though :slight_smile:

Thanks, @xiufensilver. Who is “we” by the way – are there meetups associated with this site? Seems to me most of the DN events seem spread out over several sites – FaceBook, Meetup, etc.

Apologies, I am new to the digital nomad community… I think my few other friends who are DNs don’t even know such a thing exists.

Hey! If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we have updates on our next meetups. Usually someone from the #nomads chat community organizes them :slight_smile:

I’m going to try out Budapest and Prague this year. They’re cheap, warm (in the summer) and very safe.

Thanks, all. I haven’t hung out on the chat forum too much, but I’m now following on Twitter and FB. I am most likely heading to Budapest myself, but not sure when at the moment. Prague is beautiful – enjoy.

Budapest and Prague are personal favorites of mine. Great for posting up for a couple months of work!

I’ve absolutely loved Oslo, Norway. Perhaps it’s because there is such an amazing and connected community of makers and creators here. Although expensive, there are ways to make it work well :blush:

Come and visit Belgrade for day or two if you can, it is 4 hours from Budapest

Malta is a great place to start! I also recommend Poland (Krakow or Wroclaw), is really cheap, quite beautiful, nice in the summer and friendly.

Im planning to go the Black Sea area this summer for about 3 months, am between Varna, Bulgaria or Constanta, Romania. Any tips? Have you been there?

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Loving the tips and opinions here!

@jessehanley - have you also spent time in Copenhagen and Stockholm? I’m a designer, so I probably need to find a way to spend some time in Scandinavia. You say it’s very connected - how did you network? Generally, I would be interested to know others’ methods for networking beyond this group. I’m loving the mediterranean right now, and found a cheap and relaxing place. But the one Malta digi nomad group I found on FaceBook flaked on an event they set up - no one showed.

@Mari_travels - Krakow is on my list, we’ll see if I can make it this year. So many places to see! I haven’t been to the Black Sea area yet but will probably make some of those countries part of my non-Schengen time in Europe this year.

Hi Susan,

I’ve been to Budapest and Prague and both seem to have their fair share of nomads passing through. Lots of hip coworking spaces and coffeeshops, too. I was in Krakaw before nomads went digital and it wouldn’t surprise me if it had become a hotspot too.

I was based on Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) for a few years, where the digital nomad scene has really come to life lately. I run a Facebook group for anyone with questions or tips about living and (co)working on Gran Canaria. Anyone who’s reading this is welcome to join.



P.S. More and more restaurants in Spain have gluten-free items marked on their menus.

Well, a combination between this group and co-working spaces. I just reach out and I’ve never had any no-shows before. Everyone’s absolutely lovely. I’ll put it to the test when I head to some other Scandinavian countries this year :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks, @jessehanley and @AndreGussekloo. I love Spain, but have never been to Gran Canaria - I have it in mind. Thanks too, @Petar_np for the tip on Belgrade.

Tarifa, is becoming the new Hub for digital Nomads in europe! http://www.webworktravel.com/tarifa-workations/ I am here at the moment and is really amazing and rising coworking spaces too. let me know if you come, I am here now some more time :wink:

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Oh… so many times I almost made it to Gibraltar… as I was based in Sevilla (still the greatest city in the world, I think) for a number of months many years ago.

Is it just that one organization (looks temporary) or lots of co-working there? I’m not sure I’ll make it this summer, but maybe in the fall. Thanks for the tip!

Hi @suuzin! I’d recommend Lisbon. Quite cheap for Europe and overall an amazing, free-spirited city. It reminds me a bit of a less techy San Francisco. Copenhagen is also great (I’ve lived there for 9 months and return multiple times yearly). Although generally expensive (but way less so compared to Oslo), I have seen a few house sits nearby on TrustedHousesitters.com.

Oh, and if you do decide to go to Berlin, I’ll be here until early July. If you’re here before that let me know :smile:

Hi suuzin, I friend of mine is running a coworking space in Denmark; CoWork is the name (http://www.cowork-klitmoller.dk/), it’s located on the coast and they are really friendly nice people; ask for Rasmus Johnsen if you are interested in Scandinavia, it happens the he also eat gluten free.