When to book on Airbnb beforehand?

Hi all,

So, for the last 5 years or so I’ve been working in the travel industry - which means I’ve not had to worry about things like accommodation, because my employer provided it wherever they sent me. This means that , although I’ve been hopping around the world for some time, some of the typical nomad tools like airbnb are relatively new to me now that I’ve crossed over to the world of freelancing.

I was looking forward to adopting a “go where the wind takes you” mantra; never booking anything more than a few days ahead so that, if I’m in a bar and someone talks about a place really cool, I can just… up and go.

Well, I’m beginning to realise, that may be an unrealistic ideal! I’ve been taking a look through airbnb (granted, it’s for Europe Summer), and I’m looking about 2 months in advance and everything is booked! Most searches I perform give back statements like “Careful, only 5% of bookings with your search criteria are left” - in fact one of the places I planned to pass through only had 1 result left available.

It appears to me that if you want a reasonable period (let’s say 2 weeks), with a few basic conditions like wifi, space to work, etc and you want it at an affordable price that you need to start hunting what… 6 months in advance? Doesn’t seem very spontaneous and nomadic.

Those of you that have more experience booking with airbnb - how far ahead are you booking to get what you need?




Ive adopted the “go where the best available WiFi speed takes you” mantra :smile: I have had luck knock on wood booking a few days in advanced. Most Airbnb hosts these days are VERY responsive and my only requirement is good WiFi speed. I’ve been finding places around Europe for 30-50USD a night.

I booked Paris 1 year in advance, and that is too far in advance. I also booked Seattle 9 months in advance and that was just a bit too far in advance. I’m currently looking for AirBnB in Ascoli Piceno (small town in Italy, not on the coast) 45 days in advance and I’m having trouble finding places that work for me.
So, the conclusion I’m coming to is 6 months in advance for busy in-demand cities, and just a bit closer (maybe 90 days) for off season and less busy destinations. Yup, things seem to book earlier than ever before!

I’ve been booking a week to days in advanced and finding places for $20 - $50 a night. Depends on your needs! My requirements are - hosts with at least 10 reviews, a private room and WiFi speed of 25mpbs minimum. Hosts typically reply the same day. Frequently I have booked 1-3 days beforehand… So far over the past 2 months I’ve visited Budapest, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Genova, Nice and The Hague using this method.