Where are the best rustic locations in Europe that also have fast Internet?

I’m interested in finding out about locations in Europe that are in pretty, rustic locations, but also have good Internet speed. Any ideas on where to look? Bonus if the locations are out of the Schengen zone. AirBnB listings of places you’ve stayed at are helpful, too.


Hi Daniel,

What are your criteria for pretty and rustic? Do you like old-world cities (Prague, for example) or tiny towns?

To me, this means not in a city, perhaps in a village or town, but most of all this means quiet, bucolic, perhaps more of a natural setting.

Internet in Switzerland tends to be good and the towns of Murren, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, and Wilderswil are all incredibly picturesque and surrounded by amazing nature. Things can get pricey in Switzerland, but if budget isn’t an issue, they are some of my favorite places.

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I think you could find rustic places with fast internet in France. The local network could vary wildly according to the local infrastructure, some places being at the end of the line and other being luckier.

We’ve enjoyed working in Česky Krumlov before. Only a 3 hour bus ride from Prague, still pretty inexpensive, and much quieter/smaller.

Haven’t had any issues with wifi. Seems to be plenty fast.

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Small and mid-sized towns in Slovenia, part of Schengen area and eurozone, close to Venice, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Adriatic cost all in two hours drive distance.

Extremely fast broadband even in small towns (up to 200/200 Mbit/s, see www.t-2.net) and LTE/4G (20 Mb/s, 5GB in total, 20 EUR, www.telekom.si). More rustic locations still have good have LTE/4G and ADSL+, some even broadband.

You can get furnished flats starting at 250 EUR/month! But see local real estate site http://www.nepremicnine.net (not in english though) instead of AirBnB to find these. Look for mid-sized towns such as Novo mesto, Koper, Celje, Postojna, Kranj, or even smaller if you’re looking for more rustic variations.


Orlando - you just made my day! I’ve been thinking about heading to Slovenia in July and August and was wondering what smaller cities/towns were worth looking into. And it’s excellent to have the link to that site. Thank you!

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Gigigriffis, I’m really happy to hear that! :smile: July and August will be great as there will be great amount of really interesting festivals and events going on.

Apartments in coastal towns will be more expensive during that time, but the whole country is so small you can be anywhere in two hours time, so you can hire an apartment somewhere cheap and drive around.

PS. Found an English version of that real estate site: http://www.realestate-slovenia.info/


Andorra has fibre most everywhere and if you get out to the smaller villages can be very pleasant, especially out of the high season.

But I can also vouch for Slovenia. I would go back to Tolmin in a heartbeat. Great place. Great people. Excellent paragliding.


I really recommend Menorca, the Baleares, Spain. It’s a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. In summer is paradise with sandy beaches and shallow waters, whereas in winter you can be focused or your work from a coworking space or a cheap rental apartment in Mahon or Ciutadella, the two main towns. Besides, there are nice rustic locations in the center of the island. Btw, the Internet is fast and reliable in the cities, not so much in the countryside. Just an idea to consider (:

I spent 2 weeks in Menorca, about a 10 minute drive from Mahon, and the internet was horrible. SO SLOW and it wouldn’t stay consistent. Menorca is beautiful, yes. but I would definitely stay in the of the cities if you go.

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How about tuscany in Italy? the area is filled with stunning, rustic villages and towns scattered amongst the Tuscan hills :slight_smile:

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Lonely Planet called my place " Rustic chic gets no better" I offer a Digital Nomad package of good wifi, lodgings/food and other travellers to hang out with in the evenings for 300 euro a month all in up in the hills of Transylvania. Check out my place if your interested. The Village Hotel Maramures


Check out Sighisoara and Sibiu in Romania or the areas surrounding them. You’ll find plenty of super-rustic villages and the Internet is usually 10Mbps at least and the living cost super-low.

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By the way, when you go remote, do you rent a car or scooter ? Bus ? Bicycle ?

Andorra has 100M fiber everywhere. Old ADSL connections removed. Skiing in winter and 2.5 hours from Barcelona and 2.5 from Toulouse. 10% tax on worldwide income from 1st January 2015.


I’m also craving somewhere rustic in August, away from the touring masses in Europe and hopefully not too hot. I need to be out of the Schengen region as well, was thinking Romania. Should any other nomads be thinking the same and interested in converging somewhere, let me know – rustic is great but extremely isolated maybe not…

Hey @DanielGenser — I’m curious, why do you prefer spots outside the Schengen zone? Just because they tend to be cheaper or something else?

@sabbatical, Americans can only be in Schengen zone for 90 out of every 180 days… Makes a huge obstacle for any sort of nomad’ing in Europe.

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