Where are the nomads in Mexico City?

I just landed as a n00b digital nomad in Mexico City, and I am wondering… Where are all the international digital nomads hiding around here? I have been to several coworking spaces (Selina etc.) only to find A LOT of local Mexican workers and businesses. Don’t get me wrong, that is all fine, but I was hoping to meet some international nomads! Any advice?

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After Mexico City come to Medellin! Here you will meet many nomads-- There are always Coliving groups basing themselves here for a month at a time, all the time. Plus the coworking space at Selina is always filled with nomads.

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It depends a lot per area. Try hoodmaps.com/mexico-city and visit the more hip (yellow) international areas. Also try meetup.com and visit some tech meetups. Most nomads work in tech so you’ll probably find them there! :slight_smile:

Hop into the Mexico City room on Slack. There are lots of us!


Wow that is really helpful (in general). Thank you!

I will for sure go to Medellin at some point in the near future! Can’t wait already :wink:

Somehow your link refers to booking. com :slight_smile:

That’s odd. Maybe it’s an ad interjected? The official slack chat is nomadlist.slack.c0m from there join up with the #mexico channel. Send me a PM under the same username :slight_smile:

Where are you based? Have you found a more nomad-friendly workspace?

In general, expats and English speakers are more common around the us embassy (zona rosa, etc). Also Polanco. That’s my experience from my stays there for 2 months in the last two years