Where can I buy a SIM card at Da Nang airport?

Hey folks,

Headed to Da Nang airport for a stay in Vietnam. I’d naturally like to get myself a decent SIM card for my phone, and my Googling has revealed some confusion about where and how to buy them. Can anybody share a guide to buying a SIM card at Da Nang airport or somewhere in Hoi An? Ideally a pre-paid SIM with 3G or 4G. Thanks :smile:

I don’t recall if they sell SIM cards in DAN airport, but if you can’t buy one there, you can buy one anywhere in the city. Buying a SIM card and topping it up in Vietnam are easy. Just look for mobile phone shops, even grocery shops… they are everywhere. The best brand is Viettel, they have the best coverage. If I’m not wrong, 4G is still not available in 'nam, but their 3G is fast and reliable.

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Hey,@don_Lee thanks for the info. I’m happy to report that there is now a sim card booth at da nang! You can buy a 15-day SIM for $5USD or 100,000 VND, with 3GB of data which can be topped up later if need be!