Where can I find a notary service in Bangkok?

I need to get a few documents legally certified and am not really sure where to start. Whatever certifying remarks (if any) would need to be in English. Anyone have any ideas where I could find this service without paying a law firm a small fortune for the 2 minutes it would take to do it? Would an embassy (like US Embassy?) be able to do something like this?

Most US Embassies and Consulates provide notary services for $50.

Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, the US Embassy in Thailand only performs ‘some’ notary services but specifically not certifying documents (what I need). Still searching. :frowning:

Lawyers generally provide notary services in Thailand. For example, http://www.interactivethailand.com, siam legal, etc. Also, if you have a bank account, most banks will also notarize documents. Lawyers are kind of expensive but I think generally in the same price range as the US embassy (call/email and ask prices before showing up…).

Thanks @mwp. Yesterday, I ended up certifying the documents at the German Embassy. The price was about THB400 for the 1st page and half that for each additional page.

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