Where can I find public places with good internet to work in Kuala Lumpur?

I will stay less than a month in Kuala Lumpur. Anyone knows good locations (with reliable internet) for getting things done?

Thank you!

Any Starbucks will do. They have pretty decent WiFi. There is a time limit on WiFi usage but generally you can ask for another login code if you need.

This is always such a disappointing answer… we should be striving to support local businesses, not big corporations! Does anyone know of smaller places that are not SB or McD with free wifi and maybe some other digital nomads about?

I’m heading to Kuala Lumpur in 2 months and already found this coworking place which I think I will work there http://nook.my/

Yes, you can try the co-working spaces listed in nomadlist. I was last week in KL, and there is no place like small coffee places with free wifi, at least not in the city center. Perhaps you could find something in the malls, but won’t be what you are looking for.

KL is strange city… street food is incredible, very good, tourists spots or real ones for workers, at the same time you’ll find very luxurious places and enormous malls; Warm climate and humidity causes everybody live inside them. Everything happens inside a mall … :S

Don’t spend more than 3 days there if you are just on vacation. Go to Singapore, much more interesting city. If you are going to stay longer, maybe find a nice and expensive condo + coworking is a good idea.

I tried hard to demonstrate that KL was an interesting city … but I wasn’t lucky… Twin towers, Batu Caves, Little India and China Town, and then you are done. You can avoid night life there and you’ll miss nothing.

I liked it cause I’ve never been to China or India, and KL has those both worlds there …

I repeat, KL doesn’t offer various options to work remotely. You’ll need coworking if you have things to get done.

Try mamak shops most have free WiFi 5mbps<

You are SO right that everything happens in a mall LOL. It would seem that Malaysians live in malls. There are dozens of new malls sprouting around PJ and KL every day.

About free wifi, yes Starbucks, coffeebeans are a good bet but I have to admit there aren’t many other options out there when it comes to free wifi.

There is a coworking spot called Paper + Toast (http://paperandtoast.com/tag/coworking-malaysia/) that is a cafe cum coworking space I think. But I’ve never been there so I’m not sure how good it is.

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VCR Coffee & Cakes - fantastic place to work from.

I’ve never found reliable wifi in a KL Starbucks.

The VCR guys have great coffee, decent-ish food, fast wifi and a large comfortable workspace upstairs.

It’s an end row terrace painted black (v inconspicuous), next door to the “Swiss Gardens Residence” high rise. Finding it is easiest if you ask a taxi to take you there.


Here’s an extensive list of all good coffee shops in KL:

Few that I’ve personally been to:

  1. VCR
  2. Feeka
  3. LOKL Coffee
  4. jeneris by AHREN

I would highly recommend Einstein café or Coffee Amo. It’s both in China Town. They are almost neigbours and a bit hard to find, because they are situated on 2th floor. They have good coffees, food and you have a decent place to work with a mediocre speed of internet. Einstein opens at 9.00 AM and Amo at 9.30 AM (but it’s better to go there later, because they’re not strict with that!

I wanted to add my vote for VCR. I stumbled upon them because my Airbnb apartment was a block away and ended up going there every day for coffee and/or brunch plus to get work done. I was only in KL for 3 nights and the wifi in my apartment was crap so I’d have gotten nothing done at all if I’d not found them.

The coffee is great, the service pretty good and it’s a comfortable work environment with lots of power outlets. I’m not sure if I’d travel across the city to go there but, if you are close by, worth a shot.

I spent 4 days last week trying to work from KL, and so far it’s been the worst place in the world for me to try and get work done.
The Wi-Fi in my residence was abysmal. The 3G wasn’t particularly snappy - and was expensive.

The biggest struggle for me was/is that in order to be in synch with the rest of my team around the world - I need to work well after midnight. The only people KL seems to cater for after midnight is people who want to party.

I realised I must have been a bit spoiled by the plethora of 24-hour cafés in Chiang Mai, having just come from there. I’d been led to believe there was a 24-hour Starbucks, but after trudging around an assault-course of roadworks in the main city - I got there to find the place firmly shut, having evidently changed their mind on being open 24-hours.
In the end, I found the best places to work were:

  • [Daytime] - VCR - This place was great to be fair. Expensive, like the rest of KL, but otherwise, exactly the kind of place you want to get some work done. It’s open until 11pm too, so perfect if you do need to work in the evening (pre-midnight).

  • [Evening / Night] - The Whisky Bar - Yep. A bar. For Whisky. Right in the middle of a load of other bars full of pumping music and drunk people was this relatively civilised place that was open till 2 or 3am, had an acceptable level of noise and clientele who quietly kept themselves to themselves. Unlike every other bar on the street, it didn’t feel like a ridiculous place to crack open a laptop. Unfortunately, I only found this place on my last night!

This is going a bit off topic but I am starting to get really angry with places (apartments, cafes or whatever) that say they have wifi but it’s not a usable service. if the wifi is part of my decision to give them money, I want it to work.

I’ve spent more than a month in total working from cafes in KL over the last few years. Apart from ubiquitous cafes in air conditioned malls, I spent the majority of time in Old Town White Coffee. They have everything a DN need: good wifi, power sockets, good food and drinks and staff who do not care if you spent a whole day in the cafe.

I’ll be coming over to KL from August 21 to August 25. I’m planning on visit Paper&Toast and already listed some of the coffee bars you guys are mentioning. Anyone more experienced with co-workingspaces in or around the city centre? (I’ll be staying somewhere near the Petronas Twin Towers)

Great toasts at Paper&Toast but their wifi is not so good, sometimes it didn’t work and they asked me to use the wifi from the hotel next door. And if you want to go to rest room, they don’t have one, they will give you a key to go to the next door hotel to use its rest room.

Starbucks is bad in Malaysia, always crowed, terrible wifi.

The only place I could work in Malaysia was Old Town White Coffee, it’s everywhere, in KL and also in Penang. They have fast wifi, great Chinese food, good coffee, and power points.

However, after all, KL or anywhere in Malaysia is not a good place for me, and maybe for other DNs as well. I also dislike the airport (KLIA2 - the hub of AirAsia), never want to use it again. It’s ugly, cold (I was nearly frozen), more like a giant shopping mall so you have to walk a lot to go to checkins and departure gates. (KLIA1 is good but AirAsia is not there).

You need a local to show you places to be after midnight :wink: there are many 24 hour joints open. I actually find McDonald’s a great place to work ironically. There r 24 hour joints n the wifi is good. Yup ask a local and they will show u the place. But it would seem that you r working in kl city itself. Go tot the suburbs or satellite cities like Pj and Subang n your choices would b better. drop me Aline when u r in town next. U can contact me via Twitter @liztai or my website. Cheers!

I’ll be in Malaysia from Sept 24 to Oct 12. George Town, KL, Pulau Tioman, Singapore is the route. Happy to have the list for KL, I assumed it would have been easy to find work spaces there! Anyone spent time working from either GT or Tioman?

Hey @liztai That’d be super helpful.

As someone who works in the same way - it sounds like you’d be a perfect person to compile a list for people like me to turn to when we’re looking for somewhere! :smile:

I have been living in Kuala Lumpur for 1 year and I love it but yes, it definitely lacks on working spaces.

The thing is if you are a visitor here you are probably staying in Bukit Bintang and I have no advice on places to work there specifically sorry but I can recommend some local coffee chains that you should find in most areas of KL.

The place where I work almost every day is Oldtown White Coffee, this is a chain restaurant in Malaysia and depending on the location they have comfortable seating and table with power sockets near all tables. The meals here are also very inexpensive and pretty tasty, can get a lunch set meal and drink for about 10RM. The best one is in Bangsar South, you could literally spend all day there comfortably working as many people do. Open till midnight.

Another Malaysian chain is Cosan’s Coffee, this place feels like it’s designed for working at with varying sized tables and power sockets nearby every seat. The coffee is Starbucks prices but it’s very good! Some are open till 1AM.

Third Wave is a cafe in Nexus, Bangsar South and it’s one of my favorite places to work at. Very chill and good, fast wifi. Food and drink is a bit pricier like 20RM+ but I can spend a good few hours working there comfortably and the staff don’t mind.

Publika is a mall in Mont Kiara although it’s not really a typical mall because it’s basically a mall of different cafes restaurants and bars. There’s a place called Mono Coffee there which I frequently spend a couple of hours working at. Coffee is Starbucks prices but decent. Again, it’s comfy and has everything you need for working. It’s quiet and never very busy. There are many other coffee shops in Publika that are probably great to work at as well.

If you are in KL more permenantly those are some places to check out for sure. I’m sorry I don’t have any recommendations for in the more central and touristy areas.

Can also check out this article: http://www.timeout.com/kuala-lumpur/food-and-drink/kls-best-cafes-for-lingering

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