Where can you do cheap laundry in Shanghai?

My hotel is charging like 500RMB ($7USD) for a t-shirt, haha. So I need to find a cheap laundry place a la Thailand, here in Shanghai. I’m in the Jing’an area. Anyone knows?

Ah you may find that a bit tough at Jing’an hotel I’m afraid, it’s an upmarket part of town and as you’ve definitely noticed Shanghai’s a different world than Thailand.

There are lots of hole in the wall dry cleaners scattered around the place who should do you a load of laundry for around 50 yuan or less. Ask a local to help you find a 洗衣服店 xǐ yīfú diàn literally ‘clothes wash shop’ not sure if that’s the perfect Chinese but it’ll work.

Otherwise the classic traveler’s trick of washing 'em in the sink then leaving them to dry.

Good luck, and welcome to the the Hai!

Thanks Nathan! That’s awesome, I’ll use that text to ask :slight_smile:

Are you in Shanghai now too? I love this city

Cheers! Yeah been based here for exactly 1 year. I’m in the French concession. Are you around for long?

Yes! Until the 17th, just extended cause it’s too fun here :slight_smile:

I’ll message you.

Very useful site this is, aye :smiley:

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Absolutely - whoever founded this site must be a genius :wink:

Try Laundrytown. They offer free pickup and delivery. I think the rate for “wash & fold” is 25RMB per kg. They operate in several cities in Asia including Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore and KL.