Where do I get cheap plane tickets to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Where do I get cheap plane tickets to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand? I would like to know if there is a site where the cost of the plane ticket was under $1,000. If it is offered at a price even lower, the better. I want to minimize expenses as much as possible. I’m curious to know the price of the flight ticket that digital nomads have purchased in the past and from which sites. Could you help me? Thank You.

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Where you flying from?

I flew from Europe recently to Bangkok using Norwegian Air. Then took overnight train from BKK to CM.

Try some of the flight comparison sights as a start, rome2rio, momondo, skyscanner, adioso. But yeah helpful to know where you’re flying from! For example from Perth, Australia (where i am at the moment) the budget airlines like Scoot, AirAsia and TigerAir are always the cheapest.
Other factors like being flexible with flight dates will help keep the cost low.

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Malaysian Airlines has some good prices right now, but only saw deals from Australia to BKK. Worth a look.

I use skyscanner.com all the time to see the lowest prices then I book directly with the airlines.

My intention is to fly from Erie, PA in the United States. I appreciate you @Victoria @timnomad , @Don_Lee and @inthaiguy for your advice on the matter.

Try SkyScanner, if you book through Nomad List (click book on the city page), we get some commission :sunny:

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I would recommend using skyscanner.com, and looking for a flight that is 2-3 months ahead. I always use Etihad Airways to get to Bangkok because they undercut everybody else. Usually a one way flight to BKK is $740 - $840. Plus you get unlimited alcoholic drinks (until you get rowdy, lol), a huge selection of movies (latest releases), and quality food( I swear, they feed you like every 2 hours).

I’ve been seeing a lot of inexpensive east Asian flights on secretflying.com.

Probably the most efficient way is to get flight to Bangkok via Skyscanner or similar, and then get a low-cost ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai from AirAsia or NokAir directly

Thank You. I appreciate you @levelsio, @Inspirationfeed, and @Lisa_Ghisolf for your advice.

Wow… That tip on skyscanner.com is a good one. That site is new to me. Currently booking two tickets to Bali for the wife and I a couple months out and that site is winning big-time on deals for SFO to DPS. Will click through the affiliate link here before booking!


Quick update since I booked flights… I hired Todd with FlightFox (https://flightfox.com/todd) to search for me and he found Premium Economy and Business class tickets for less than $150 more per person (wife and I) compared to what I was looking at booking from my own searches in economy class.

He was brilliant, it cost me $49 for the search and he gave me several options… 22 hours of travel with extra leg room and champagne to Bali, coming up!

[Mods, that link to Todd’s page is not an affiliate link and if it is against TOS, please delete… Just wanted to give credit to the guy who helped me out]

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Thank You. I appreciate you @Miles for your advice. $150 more per person is not a bad deal for Premium Economy and Business class tickets.

I find Skyscanner’s interface a bit mehh.

Momondo is what I’m using and it’s so much cleaner :smile: But you’ll be good with most of the flight comparison websites!

I use Google flights it searches many sites. From Bangkok it is cheap to fly with Airasia.com

Great posts above :+1:. I’ve never ventured as far as Thailand (yet) but there’s a great app called Hopper which helps you monitor flight prices. Also, I’ve found eDreams to be consistently cheaper than some of the other flight comparison websites.

If you’ve got plenty of free time, you could fly from NYC or Boston to Europe using a low cost carrier like Norwegian or WOWair and then fly to Bangkok using Norwegian. If booked in advance it’s easy to find tickets from the east coast to Europe under 200$ all-in and the same from Europe to Bangkok. Add to that positioning low cost flights and you are in Chiang Mai for less than 500$.

This fall, airchina.us is very competitive from continental US.

I second suggestions that from Australia to Thailand you should look for airlines like Scoot and AirAsia. They usually have the cheapest prices.

From places further away I would recommend www.flystein.com (disclaimer - I’m a founder there). There you would hire a flight hacker who can find the best and cheapest flights on the market. From Europe or the US they can save at least a 100$ comparing to what you’d find on Kayak or similar websites (but often it can be more than that). They also take into account all preferences, something a normal travel agent would do.