Where do you spend winter?

Winter is coming… Brrrr. I’m in Europe at the moment.

I’ve spent winters in SE Asia, Thailand, south on the beaches, and North in Chiang Mai. I love Thailand. But also I’ve been to Vietnam, Bali, Laos, Camobodia, and Malaysia.

Down in South America I spent a winter around Playa Del Carmen.

Where are you going this winter?

I thought I’m gonna spend this winter in Moscow. But when I started to feel the weather I immediately booked ticket to Bali. I’ve been in a lot of places, but Bali I found perfect for work and leisure.
So I’m going there in a week until April I suppose.


Past year I went to Sicilia, for next one I was thinking to Turkey. If you don’t mind the ice for a few days also Saint Petersburg is awesome.

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I’m going to New Zealand (expensive yes but I want to check it out), then SEA. Will also have a vacation in Oceania while I’m in that area

Is Turkey warm all winter?

The Turkey’s winter is similar to south of Italy, cold but not too much. If you are looking for sun and beaches probably it’s not the best :slight_smile:

Was thinking of Bansko. It will be cold. It will be time to ski :smile:

What do you do for visa for that many months? A multiple visit visa, extensions…? Need to apply in person?


Just VoA for 30 days in Airport then extend it for 30 more days with agency. You need to visit immigration office just once instead of 3 in that case.
Afterwards I do visa run and repeat the scheme.
You can apply for social visa (in any country except Indonesia) for 6 month, but it won’t allow you to left Indonesia and it’s harder to apply for so I don’t like it. It’s not a problem to fly out and back every 2 months for me.

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We’ll be retreating to Taipei from Jan - May. Just in time for the Canadian winter to tide over :slight_smile:

thinking of doing the same as well =O)

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How about a winter in the Alps? We are opening a mountain coliving, Cloud Citadel, in the French Alps, connected to ski resort, and we are offering a 2-week free stay this winter.