Where in Asia should I go?

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Glad to be part of the digital nomad community.

Originally from the Netherlands, I lived in Madrid for two years and have been living in Melbourne since July 2017. Although I am used to living abroad and working from home, the digital nomad lifestyle is new to me.

I recently decided to explore Asia starting from July/August this year, and am wondering what your thoughts and experiences are. I am thinking of staying about a month in each place. Bali, Chiang Mai and Vietnam are on my mind.

I enjoy a balance between fun and tranquility/nature. I very much enjoy socializing with people, but I prefer good talks in a chilled environment over going out in nightclubs. Any ideas which cities/environment might be suitable?

Thanks in advance for your advice :slight_smile:

Besides the obvious places I would look into Taiwan. It’s a great place and often overlooked.

It’s generally a very friendly and safe place. Taipei is an international city where you’ll easily find people to hang with, and if you want nature then the mountains are never far away, or head down the east coast for truly magnificent mountain and ocean scenery.

It’s not as cheap as some other places in Asia but still very affordable, and the food is simply amazing.


Hi plexus,

Thanks heaps!

Taiwan hasn’t been on my mind at all…until now :slight_smile:

Maybe DaNang in Vietnam could be an option too! We haven’t been there but it was our second in the list after Chiang Mai! And yes… Chiang Mai is heaven if you don’t live to close to the crowd! :slight_smile:

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