Where in Europe to settle for 90 or 180 days (fall - winter)

am italian, speaking german, french, spanish.
I’m looking for a base for the upcoming winter season.
on my radar i have following options:

France = I love the country, speak its languge, enjoy its food, just the climate ain’t most warm unless your in the deep south (good wines too)

Spain = After one year of living Mexico and speaking fluently spanish this rather new country could be very interesting, if not intriguing. Valencia probably on my top lists.

Italy = haven’t been in Italy for a while, though i’m italian. Generally very sociable country and if your not a tax resident the sounds of living in it is quite fascinating.

Greece = Never been there, food and climate would be probably very suitable if not super sweet. I can see my self overlooking the Agean see on a cup of wine while work is done stretching into sweet weekends.

Ukraine = I know bloody cold and politically tense, yet arguably cheap and still safe (i’m used to Mexican standards). It would be a interesting ride for sure, and low expenses would mean easy route to stay competitive and build momentum in my business.

All other options are out of sight, UK , IRELAND are too cold and expensive. I would drink too much to feel sociable :slightly_smiling_face:

Where are you guys heading?
I have October, November, December to opt in , new year I’d probably HOP into a newer country, still EU-Bound …

Give me some pros and cons.

Salut !

Last year I spent 1 month (Nov/Dec) in Sicily (mostly Palermo) and it was awesome.

This year we’ll go to UK (friends in Oxfordshire) and Greece (Athens).

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Salut Poppy, Sicily definitely would be on my to visit places. I also had ideas to tay in Greece, from what i heard the nicest place in / around Athens is Glyfada Coast, check it out when your there!

Seems like your priority is climate…

  • Gran Canarias
  • Southeast Spain (Almeria or Valencia)
  • Southern France, as you mentioned
  • others with good climate?
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