Where is the best place to live in London for digital nomads?

@magalhini @Ani - Thanks to you both! Funny you mention Gumtree as I have noticed some odd postings lately! I actually hadn’t heard of Spareroom, but it sounds good. I’m looking into the premium membership.

@magalhini you’re spot on - I’m def looking to cycle to work, so I’ll will keep this in mind.

Thanks again to everyone. The information provided here has helped tremendously. I can’t begin to imagine how long it would have taken to gather all of these nuggets of info on my own!

I second everything @magalhini said! I live in Brick Lane, currently paying around £600 (small room & no living room, but I’m really close to my work and friends). You can get cheaper & better, if you don’t mind spending a fair amount of time looking.
Regarding co-working spaces, look for something more indie & in line with the digital nomad mentality! :+1:
Get in touch if you need anything! :wink:

Haha in that case, I take back my previous words :smiley:

£1000 should be plenty for a room, I’m a little surprised people are telling you otherwise. I pay just under 1k, and that’s for a room slap bang in the middle of Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is fun, but I wouldn’t recommend living here. Aim for Dalston, Hackney, Stoke Newington, I think average rent for a room is around £850. In my opinion, price is only half of the battle, competition for the rooms is frustratingly tough!

If you want cheaper, but decent location… then you can look around Clapton. It’s a bit rougher, but it’s common in London for council flats to be mixed among high cost housing. Here’s a music vid to get you in the mood :wink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIuQM_q0IUU

I paid £420 plus my share of utilities for a very large room in a nice warm house in Barnes, just off the river, in 2010-2011. I know prices have gone up since then, but they can’t have gone up THAT much. Mind you, it was a good deal, but there are always good deals around if you take the time to find them.

Its clear that you have not been in London recently… :smile:
Rent prices are sky rocketing, and renting 1000 pounds rooms are not uncommon…

I’m not talking about a studio, just a room in a shared house. There’s no reason for someone to pay more than £600, for instance, unless they just want to spend their money… That said, I’d better go and take a look at Spare Room, and then eat my words if I have to…

But the first room that came up for Barnes, after the featured ad, is £120 a week, all inclusive, and scrolling down, while there are plenty that cost too much (which is always the way I’ve looked at it), there are plenty in the £500-£600/month range.

im not talking about a studio. I’m talking about rooms…

Yep, have just updated my reply. I’d be hard-pressed to spend £1000 a month unless I were trying to give my money away. Maybe on Air B&B, but not securing a long-term furnished room rental via Spare Room. Anyone who’s charging £1000 a month there is either on the game or in a very posh neighbourhood.

The current situation in london is the same as in San Francisco, NYC. etc. Its just a big scam, and lots of people are involved, rich owners, banks, property agencies, etc.
I see a bleak future for youngsters…

[quote=“Oskar, post:30, topic:4038”]
The current situation in London is the same as in San Francisco, NYC.[/quote]

Exactly, I never fully understand why people who make < £4,000/month would want to live there.

You spend £2,000 on a 1-bedroom apartment in Shoreditch. If you make £50,000 per year, that means you spend 50% of your gross income on rent. Who would want to do that? There’s not much left for savings or retirement there.

It’s especially dark since most of the time you’ll be outside that house, to work long hours to afford that house.

Unless you’re rich, I don’t see why anyone would want to live in London in 2015. There’s so much better options right now.

Well, for me London is the greatest city in Europe easily.

Now, I acknowledge that there is a huge problem with this rent scam and overvalued property prices, distorted as I said before by a very complex arrangement of actors like banks, oligarchs, real estate agencies and the “dont give a sh*t” attitude of the current and previous British governments.

I agree that currently London is not a place to live permanently, unless you are filthy rich, have an oligarch, mobster, bankster or sheik backgrounds, or you are a refugee in Calais hoping to cross the channel to live from benefits (that’s something nobody talks about, its very easy to live in London without working if you are a refugee or very poor) but if you can afford it for a period of time i would say do it.

What other options do you have in mind? I guess you are thinking in third world options? Yes its cheaper but I’m bored to death after a couple of weeks. Medellin? Living in El Poblado bubble and fearing to be mugged or killed outside of it? SEA ? Maybe?

The funny thing is that everyone complains about the prices in London, but as I’m currently here, I still see loads and loads of young people from every single corner of this planet coming to work and live in the city, and that makes it even more expensive but I’m far more interested and attracted of being part of it than staying in a third world option imho. At least for a period of time :slight_smile:

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In my case my profession is centered on London so I need to spend some time there. If I were there longer term, I could be a property guardian (one of the few ways to make it affordable), but I don’t want to be there long term - the weather is dreadful and that may be my number one reason - so I am stuck with trying to find short-term house-sits and filling the gaps with Air B&B. The problem here is that London house-sits are very popular and London has the most expensive Air B&B offerings I’ve seen, with the ‘cheap’ rooms (if you can call them that) tending to be horrid. Hostels are no good - they drive me bonkers, and they’re not exactly cheap either. London is a real problem, although it’s my base and the place I go back to throughout the year. Sigh.

I’m here since July and i still want to experience the dreadful London weather, at least one time in my life :slight_smile: Anyway i will be here until December when summer starts in South America :grin:

It’s true, Britain had a heatwave this summer along with the rest of Europe, although everyone seems to have forgot this and they’re complaining about the incessant rain they had, and I was certainly glad to miss that part of it. I got out of the country after multiple years of unbearable weather - the summer of 2012 was a complete washout, more than forty consecutive days of downpours, followed by the seven-month winter when it was still snowing in April, followed by the summer of 2013 when it was possible to wear short sleeves on one day only, in the middle of July. I left after that. I was back for the summer of 2014, and I admit it was a nice summer. But summer 2015 in the south of France has been much, much, much nicer.

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Where in the south of France did you stay? I am considering this location. Looking to enjoy natural beauty, and I figured places like Nice will be touristy and packed, but I assume it’s more than a tourist town. Thanks!