Where should I go in Japan in the winter?

I’d like to go to Japan for winter (on a 90 day tourist visa). Since I like winter sports, I’m thinking about staying somewhere like Nagano or Sapporo or even a ski town e.g. Hakuba but I’m a little worried about finding solid accommodation and a quiet place to work.

Any suggestions? Also if you’ve used Airbnb in Japan while working I’d love to hear how it worked out for you.

Airbnb is great in Japan. Often locals don’t like older (ie. more than 10 year old) apartments so they often the ones available. A lot of the monthly rent agencies are only in the main cities and many of them advertise a cheap monthly rate but then add on a bunch of extra charges whereas you know what you will be paying with Airbnb.

Another plus with Airbnb is that many include a mobile wifi device which is handy because it’s hard to get prepaid phone cards etc on a tourist visa.

i havent been myself, but a good friend of mine stayed in Sapparo for a while and loved it. If you can check out the snow festival in Feb, the photos I saw of it were incredible!

I wasn’t working during my short visit to Hakuba, but if you fancy a day or two to relax, I recommend the Hakuba Onsen Ryokan Shirouma So (http://www.shiroumaso.com/english/). Very old, traditional inn, it has an awesome Onsen in the basement.

For food, Sarugaku was by far the best restaurant!