Where should I go next? I'm a 25-year old Australian girl working remotely

I’m a 25 year old Australian girl, newly single, working remotely for a SF startup. I’m looking for a location to settle for the next 6 months, starting in May. All countries are on the table (although stable wifi is required).

I’d love to be by a beach & somewhere that has a relatively bustling vibe, restaurants etc. Bonus points for surf or a gym.

Logistically, I have a visa to be able to stay in the Schengen zone for 4 years so Europe is doable. I guess I’m concerned about it being high season?

I’d love to hear any suggestions.

Da Nang is pretty good. Cheap, beautiful beach (though the waves are inconsistent), excellent food and a cheerful expat community. Ask the hacker paradise people how they liked it :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mark. I’ll look into it!

In Europe, if you’re looking for surfing and a lively area, Biarritz, France was a wonderful and surprising find. I was there in November and it was still pretty lively and had good weather, plus you have Basque culture, which is interesting, and good food. I also found Split, Croatia really lively (though I don’t think there is surfing) with a young population and lots of hip bars. It’s not Schengen, though, so I’m not sure you’d be able to stay beyond the 3 months their normal visa offers.

Hi Ángela. Fuerteventura, on the Canary Islands definitely fits in your desire list. Good waves, warm all year round, a growing expats community …etc etc
Beyond that, it is probably one of the safest places I know for a girl traveling alone

Thailand is also very popular destination, Koh Samui island is probably best fir for your requirements. It’s a touristy destination, so a lot of digital nomads and everyone else. But I didn’t find any co-working spaces there… only Son Of Beach which is basically just a coffee shop and not really a co-working space.

Koh Lanta is also something you should look out for, it looks like digital nomads really love it. And they have a coworking space if you get bored working alone (I’m only planning on going, never been before)

Have a look at Taghazout in Morocco. There is already a small startup community working remotely, amazing surf spots, really cheap cost of living and a super easy air connexion to Europe from Agadir - low cost. Your tourist visa (free) allows you to stay up to 3 months, but you can apply for an expat one or just fly and back to Europe.

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I’d actually advise against Morocco. As a woman traveling alone, it’s a very different experience there than the guys on here have. I didn’t feel unsafe, but I did absolutely feel like a second-class citizen and I most definitely was harassed more than usual.

If you’re not looking to go too far I would suggest heading north of SF up to the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver are all pretty close to each other and you should be able to hop between them freely.

While its cheaper than SF its still pretty expensive. Great places for hiking and camping. Surfing is a bit lacking though. Wifi not a problem.

Thanks for sharing. Morocco is still on my list, but I’ve heard similar sentiments about women traveling alone.

You…might be biased?

Well…I might be, since I manage a coworking space over here, but what I told you is also true. :wink:

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to live if you can afford it. The nightlife is great, the food scene is great, the infrastructure is great, there are loads of great beaches, some great hiking, English is widely spoken and it’s easy to stay there for half of year.

I agree with the Hong Kong suggestion, unfortunately it’s rather expensive though, even compared to many places in Europe. But it’s truly an awesome city because it has everything at once, a bustling city with good infrastructure and as soon as you leave the city there are a lot of pretty natural areas with beaches and mountainous islands.

Portugal! :slight_smile: Sunny weather is coming, living there is relatively cheap (through European standards), people are usually nice, and the food is delicious!

I´m a 25 year old girl currently working & living in Koh Lanta, Southern Thailand. I would say its the perfect spot for female solo travelers, as its safe, easy accessible and well developed. Ive been here now for about three weeks and staying at least five more!

The party scene is not the most crazy, but there are some really nice beach bars with good vibe and every night there´s a party at a different location around the island. There are also plenty of good restaurants serving both Thai and western food!

There are 9 beaches around the island, and its easy to rent a scooter to get around and discover the island. When it comes to surfing I have heard there are sometimes waves in Klong Dao Beach in the green season but there are no surf shops around- on the other hand there´s a gym and some very good yoga studios.

Most nationalities can apply for a 90 day tourist visa at the Thai embassy before departure. It shouldn’t be a problem to get it extended.

I think the best thing with Koh Lanta right now is that the tourist scene is slowly changing, and you can get some great bargains when it comes to accommodation (around 200 USD a month or even less is possible!)

The island also have a coworking space :slight_smile:


Yeah, if you are living in Grand Baie, the place is totally fibre up :wink:

Look Orange orange.mu website.

Hi Angela! Wondering if I’m still on time with my contribution: Lisbon. It’s got beaches, awesome restaurants, great internet access, nightlife… Check it online :wink:

Hi Angela. I would suggest you Thailand too. It’s a place where you can now only work, you can combine work and leisure here. Many tourists, beach, pleasant atmosphere. It’s amazing place. I found there inspiration for writing my research paper on advanced databases when I was studying, so I guess Thailand will help you to achieve your goals.

You can only stay 3 months every 6 months with a Schengen Visa.