Where should I set up my company as a nomad?

I’m looking for any recommendations for services or people others have used to get answers on the best place to set up their businesses based on their personal circumstances.

Leaning towards Singapore after a ton of research, but would really like some concrete advice before jumping in.

Appreciate it!


Singapore is good and nice country. But I will advice look for living cost. Because Singapore is super expensive country.

Also if you pay tax in country more then a local citizen so after 2 years you can apply for the citizenship as well. One of best passport in the world.


I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the articles from NomadCapitalist - especially those surrounding tax considerations.


I’d highly recommend Singapore.

Hong Kong isn’t an option anymore with the instability and China taking over.

The other options like Panama, BVI etc. all look really dodgy to me.

Singapore is a legit place, with real big corporations there and a functional legal system.

P.S. Please look up on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controlled_foreign_corporation laws of your home country or the country you’re a personal resident before you incorporate somewhere though. Setting up a business might mean the country where you personally reside can claim your foreign corporation and tax it double.


A lot higher taxes though in Singapore than Hong Kong.

This isn’t really all that specific or actionable. Granted, subjectively it’s a concern but functionally Hong Kong is currently working exactly as it has been. China hasn’t “taken over”, “instability” also no specific known effect on business.

Singapore does seem like an interesting choice at first glance, till you compare the tex liabilities. :open_mouth: