Where should I start off my nomad trip to SE Asia?

Hey guys!

It’s great to be here. I am super grateful to see a community like this talking who are all interested in the same kinds of nomadic things!

I’ve been following digital nomad blogs for a while now. I can now proudly say that I am making the leap & moving to SE Asia to build out my own business! Super excited :slight_smile:

Ive been trying to get guidance where to start my trip (I will be arriving in March) but I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed opinions on where to go first (because I think that’s all that really matters- the rest is history ;). So, who’s got some opinions for me? Where did you start first when traveling to SE Asia? Some places on mind, Chang Mai, Phuket, Ubud? Keep in mind, I’ll be there starting March.

Thanks for all your help!

Hopefully get to run into some of ya’ll! I see there are meetups hosted by Nomad List- Pretty awesome!

Hello Carrie1943,

I would recommend starting by buying an airplane ticket, and book the first 2-3 nights in a hotel you like. From there you will find long-term house.

If you don’t care (yet!) where to go, I think you could do something like read some history about the places, YouTube, what to do, what to eat, read some blogs … and decide which one you like the most or its more interesting for you.

I started with Ubud, Bali, a dream for me. Hubud its ok, too expensive? I don’t know… bali its so special …

Right now I’m in Kuala Lumpur, I didn’t thought in staying here, but it is an amazing city, so I will delay my route to north Penang, Langkawi and then Thailand.

Everybody loves Chiang Mai, but it seems too easy … I needed a little bit of adventure before it.

Where will you go?!

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Chiang Mai is nice Nov/Dec/Jan. But I wouldn’t go in March, it’s too hot, and sometimes the air quality is bad.

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I picked Bangkok as a starting point for the following reasons:

  1. Tickets to Bangkok are cheap, cost of living in Bangkok is fairly cheap (housing, food,…).
  2. It’s centrally located in Asia and it has a lot of low cost airlines flying you to where-ever you want to be.
  3. It’s a well developed city with great wifi, co-working spaces etc. In my opinion it’s a city that has the least shock effect on you because it’s pretty westernized.

Wow, this is such great advice. Thanks all :slight_smile: Cant wait to get there!

Love it! I’m really interested in Bali, so I may start there from your advice! When you started in Bali, did you book a departure flight? I read that an oward/return ticket is necessary. Suggestions? Thanks for your help. It’s so awesome.

Sweet- I am going to for sure keep this in mind. Have you traveled onward from Bangkok yet?

I’ve actually just found the response to this in another forum- Super helpful this community!

Why not to try the first shot with Hanoi, Vietnam? :smile:

I’m curious what’s your business? If you’re involved in IT industry, so Vietnamese developers are competitive with pricing and quality.

Depends on your style.

City guy, provincial guy, beach person?

I’m biased, however, if you are starting out, the quality and depth of the network here in Saigon trumps many of these places.

The places that really stirred my soul the past few months were Koh Chang and Hanoi, Saigon. Chiang Mai was where I started my SE Asia tour.

Such good tid bits in here! Thanks Tony, Jon & Daniel all :smile: Ive decided to start in Southern Thailand and then move my way up north. I do want to hit Vietnam as well at some point- seems like its wonderful there!

Where are you guys now?

I’m in Hanoi right now :). Working in startup www.bravebits.vn. If you visit Hanoi by chance just drop me a message, will be glad to assist you with any matters.

How is the weather in Hanoi now? I’m in Hue, deciding where to go next

Yesterday and today is “wet” days, Igor. It’s like little raining around Hanoi. Grey sky and it’s expected to be the same weather for the whole next week. If you need a warm place it’s better to move to south Vietnam now.

I’m curious what you mean when you say Chiang Mai is ‘too easy’. Do you mean since the expat community there is so well represented?