Where should we live in Colombia for six months?


My girlfriend and I are working and slow travelling through Central and South America. We usually live in each location for around three to six months. For instance, we’ve been living on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for nearly six months now.

We’re planning our next location in Central and South America to rent for six months and we’re hearing great things about Colombia.

We’d like to live in a safe and quiet natural location with friendly locals, a comfortable climate and have access to quality produce (food).

Can anyone recommend where we can live? Any tips on rentals would also be appreciated.


I am from colombia and I have to say you can find a really nice spot in different cities, if you have Bogotá in your list, you have to give it a check to Magicville, is a coworking and Coliving space in the same place, just what you need to work and travel. Aldo in the coffee zone there are small farms where maybe you can have a really nice experience, the internet connection is not that good, but you will love it .


I’m European working in Colombia for the last 4 years.
Avoid Bogotá and definitively go to Medellín.
Rentals there in AirBNB less than 1.000 USD / month in El Poblado, best area.
Bogota much more expensive (the good locations) and scary.

Let us know if you need anything else.