Where to begin to freelancing?


Hi, my name is Justin. I am 23 years old, and although I am not a digital nomad yet, I have travelled some for work before, mostly working with an organization in Colorado called the Southwest Conservation Corps. I loved my time with them and in Colorado, and since then, I’ve thought that maybe I need to travel and not stay in one place to really live the life I want to live.

Right now, I am a welder, welding parts for a living for $10 an hour, but I’m strongly considering leaving Tennessee to go to another country. I just don’t entirely know where to begin.
I have skills that are of value that I can develop further: I’ve done freelance journalism for my school’s newspaper back when I went to the University of Memphis. I also have some experience with photography and I know I can record a video with a camcorder.
Other than that, I am kind of stumped. I am going to create a website so I can get my own brand on the internet, but the other skills I have are things that are kind of in the works. I can sing, but I don’t expect to make money off of that. If I got a bicycle or some rollerblades, I could be a courier, but how do I know if those things will be enough to make money while living out of hostels, backpacking and camping?
I am also, slowly, little by little, teaching myself some coding in Java and C++ through a game I found called COLOBOT, but I’m not very good t it yet, and I need some more time to practice.

It’s tough to decide where to go, but right now, I’ve decided on Nepal, Cambodia, Armenia, Australia, or a place in Central or South America. I chose those places out of personal interest, but I’m open to going anywhere for beginners. I just got to figure out if my budget is good enough. I plan to save up at least $2,000 from my welding job before I leave, and from what I’ve seen. I’ll need at least $1,000 to get a plane ticket to go anywhere.

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