Where to do online shopping in Thailand?

What’s up dreamers?

Do you have any recommendation on where to do online shopping in Thailand?

I just got an external screen & accessories from Lazada.co.th: the price was good & delivery of the screen (to Koh Lanta) took only 3 days…! This was way beyond my expectations.

Any other tips (& shared experience) would be appreciated.

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eBay has a Thailand site.

it seems like the Thailand and Southeast Asia websites of eBay are only for exporting. thx for the tip anyway

Lazada is no.1 here in Thailand, but Aliexpress is good too. I have used both quite a lot. Aliexpress don’t do cash on delivery, and deliveries can be a lot slower than Lazada, especially when the vendor is exporting from China, but there’s a lot more tech and other specialised stuff available on Aliexpress.

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I’ve had great experiences with Lazada both in the city and on the islands.

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+1 for Lazada in Thailand. Bought a bicycle and got it delivered to Koh Lanta. They beat their own delivery date by 2 days. Would definitely use again…

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I think the export thing is for Thailand only. eBay Philippines and Vietnam, you can order stuff online domestically. I ordered something on eBay in Manila and it got delivered to me in Manila on time.