Where to easily open a personal/business account in SE Asia?

Hey guys… I’m from a EU country but in the past 6 years I spent there just 3 weeks.

I have a bank account in Australia, since I spent there over 4 years. Now I’m mostly in Thailand or travelling around.

Because of my experiences

a) PayPal froze my account for several weeks until I was able to give them documents that are very difficult to get if I’m no longer in Australia

b) when applying for a tourist visa to Australia just to pick up rest of my stuff - it’s supposed to be done within 48 hours… well it took them 3 weeks just to ask me for additional details (that I already gave them with the application anyway) - I lost my tickets and bookings - of course no way to email them, call or whatever

This made me think about the fact that I have all my money in Australia. While I’m doing nothing illegal I can’t risk that some “officer” with a bad day decide to freeze my account to investigate whatever and I’ll be left with nothing for who knows how long. Not to mention they usually can’t grasp the concept of perpetual travelling.

So my question - anyone has RECENT experience with opening a bank account in SE Asia? Either personal or business (thinking about UK LLP or US LLC)

It seems that

a) countries such Singapore has assumption that everyone and his dog is laundering money… $500 at a time…

b) Thailand with lazy and incompetent staff where you ask to open non-resident bank account just to be told “don’t have” … you point on the 3x3 metres huge board behind them listing interest for non-resident bank account - answer “aaah, yes yes can’t open, new rules” (even while having a Thai with me)


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