Where to pay taxes if self employed non-resident of the UK, travelling Europe?

Hi, I know there are a few posts around this topic but none of them quite answer my questions.

I am British and currently a resident in the UK.
Next year I am going to become a non-resident and spend over a year traveling mostly around Europe, moving every few weeks never staying anywhere longer than a month. (My first venture into becoming a digital nomad!)

I am remote, self employed, software developer working mostly for one client based in the UK.

Where am I liable to pay taxes?
From what I have read I will not be liable to pay taxes in UK, can anyone confirm this?
If not the UK then where if I am moving every few weeks?
If possible I want to avoid starting a company as this seems unnecessarily complicated for my work setup.

Thank you in advance for any help :slight_smile:

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I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out myself. It’s kind of grey area. Some say you don’t have to pay any taxes, other say you pay it in your home country if you don’t have any permanent residency.

I believe the thing is: If tax office asks you where have you been paying your taxes lately, and you say nowhere, you’ll be in trouble.


I spent * months away one time in Nigeria and I paid my taxes in the UK still. I did not have a clear answer too so just paid in the UK.

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I would say U.K.

Best to consider getting a permanent residency somewhere in low tax or no tax on world wide income , and at same tim severing all ties with U.K. including bank account

I don’t think you necessarily need to ditch the bank account. Just don’t use it for business and throttle down its use. You must have a clearly demonstrable residency in another location and a minimal footprint in the UK. Definitely not more than 3 months a yearin the UK. A car in the UK and a house are indications of continued residency. Ditch them. Hit the road and pick up alternative residency and pay taxes somewhere else. Suggest looking at Malta.

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Your UK income is taxable in UK even if you are not resident. If you can prove though that you are resident of another country, and it has double taxation agreement with UK you can make a claim and will not have to pay tax in UK. Bulgaria is also worth checking as potential residency as income tax is 10%.

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