Where to Register Complaints Against Businesses in Barcelona?

Long story short, my friends and I flew with Vueling and they lost our luggage. They’ve done nothing so far except ignoring the problem. They’ve failed to give us any kind of status on the luggage or offer any kind of compensation. Some of us even had our work laptops in our bags. It’s been five days with no response. Several times when we’ve contacted them, they’ve hung up the phone on us. It’s been a terrible experience, and since we can’t get them to do anything reasonable through their normal customer support channels, I’d like to escalate it by filing a formal complaint with some sort of government or legal entity that helps hold businesses accountable. The only problem is that I don’t know who to report it to in Barcelona/Spain. I speak good enough Spanish to file a claim, but since I don’t know what that sort of entity is called in Spanish, I’ve been having trouble finding where to do so.

TL;DR Where can I file consumer complaints against a company with the government or a legal entity in Barcelona or Spain?


Sorry to hear that you loose your luggages.

It seems that Vueling is having a lot of problem this summer, with late or cancelled flights, etc…

A friend told me that he filled a complaint with Aena, who is the entity in charge of the airports (it was for a delayed flight, but maybe works also for lost luggage) in Spain: https://serviciostelematicos.aena.es/csee/Satellite?c=Page&p=1237542279447&SiteName=AdministracionElectronica&pagename=AdministracionElectronica&cid=1237542279447

Other way is probably to fill an official complaint against Vueling, by filling an 'hoja de reclamacion". By law all businesses in Cataluña needs to handle this form to anyone who ask for it. So the Vueling office should give you one. The form consist of three copies: 1 for you, 1 for the company and 1 for the offical agency in charge of protecting the consumers.

I am not 100% sure how it works (never use it myself so far) but I think that first you fill the form, present it to Vueling and from then they have something like 1 month to give you a solution. If nothing satisfactory is done after this period you can then forward the complaint to the official agency.

If you speak spanish, I would suggest you give a call to the phone number 012 ( Atención Ciudadana de la Generalitat de Catalunya), which can probably give you more accurate advices.

Some links that may helps:

Good luck for your luggage. I Hope you enjoy your stay in Barcelona despite of this problem !



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