Where to stay for a month in Taipei?


My girlfriend and I will be heading to Taipei for a month in February, and we’re trying to figure out where to live. Any advice on…

  • How to find a place? Are there any websites where we could find a place for a month?
  • Area of town - which district should we try to stay in?

We’re on a budget, looking for something that would be around $400usd per month if possible.

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  • Nothing on Agoda

This Hostel Seems like a viable option for you guys:

Currently in Taipei for 3 months. Key is to be walking distance to an MRT (Metro) stop, as it is very fast and convenient. Honestly in that range I think it would be tough. I believe you can definitely find places in Taiwan in that range, but will be further away from the city center of Taipei. There might also be more options in other more Southern cities like Tainan.

Your best bet is to look at places on AirBnb. There are a few hostels that have listings on there that are pretty cheap. I recently found a website for a place called InnApartment that looks pretty good too (innapartment.weebly.com) and I’m planning on staying there when I visit in March.

But overall, Taipei’s accommodation websites are local-focused and most sites are going to be in Chinese, which makes it hard to find places online.

Similarly, the coworking spaces are more focused on local startups and creatives, and again, most sites are in Chinese. Though I’ve heard of an up-and-coming coworking space called http://futurewardcentral.com/ and the founder seems to want to attract more digital nomads. There are also a few other options but I haven’t checked them out yet.

On the plus side, Taiwan has amazing infrastructure, fast internet, and you’ll be able to work from anywhere as it’s pretty much the coffee shop capital of Asia.

Oh and the food is other-wordly too. So more pros than cons :slight_smile:

Hey! Did you end up staying at Innapartment, how was It?!

Actually, we ended up looking on AirBnB, found a place with a good price and rented it for a month.

It was my girlfriend and I, so we had a few things we were looking for in particular… a private room big enough for both of us, a desk (since we were both working remote), decent internet, etc…

Lots of hosts on AirBnB give a discount for a month, so the price was pretty reasonable, about what we would have payed to rent a place on a student facebook group that we were trying to find something on. More importantly, getting our exact dates to line up with someone else’s exact dates ended up being impossible.

We stayed in Da’an, which we really loved. We were in a nice neighborhood right next to a night market and super close to the MRT (metro).

Taipei was our first stop, and afterwards we ended up using AirBnB to book month-long places in Japan (Osaka), Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

I would say that if you’ve staying for several months AirBnB may not be the best option price-wise, though you probably can send people messages to get further discounts. Since we were only staying a month, AirBnB was perfect.

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Also, since it was mentioned…

We didn’t end up getting a co-working place, but it may have been nice to have. Compared to other places we went in Asia, it was REALLY hard to get a SIM card in Taiwan since neither me nor my girlfriend speak Chinese.

That said, people are really friendly. If you’re staying for a bit, it may be worth finding some other (Chinese-speaking) foreign people / Taiwanese people to help show you around and help you get a SIM card :smiley:

Taiwan was great, though, I can’t wait to go back. PM me if you have any other questions!

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RE: SIM card
If you ask in 7/11 in English they can point you in the right direction if they don’t stock them. There’s a 7/11 near Taipei main station that has them. I got mine while inside the MRT area in Taipei main station from some cell phone accessory shop next to the 7/11. I think $10 or something for every 1gb refill, with first 3 days unlimited data. You need to bring your passport.