Where to travel to in South America in the summer?

I have a month between Playa del Carmen and Medellin, and I’m deciding which city to be. It’s on november so it’s summer in this region, what do you guys choose?

ps. just in case, Mexico is not south american

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. Medellin
  3. Sao Paulo
  4. Cordoba
  5. Santiago de Chile
  6. Lima
  7. Arequipa
  8. Quito
  9. Salta
  10. Natal

I’d go with Ecuador since it’s next to Colombia

I’m currently in Buenos Aires and love it. Our apartment is relatively expensive (compared to locals) because we were lazy and used AirBnB but it’s still cheap compared to our home base.

Wifi is decent city-wide but we sprang for a coworkign space. It’s gorgeous, feels like an urban jungle. It’s an old TV STudio’s office so they have this crazy custom architecture that’s really nice to work in (if it wasn’t for the VERY LOAD team on a desk nearby (grrrr…)

The city has excellent public transport, buses are like $0.25 per trip and there’s also subways, trains and Uber / Taxis when you’re lazy.

The local cuisine is basically meat, fine by me but after a month you’ll be missing veggies!